It’s gettin’ hot in here!!!!

It seems like the heat wave is all the rave lately 🙂  no matter which blogs I read,  what news channel I watch or  how many times I consult the recent news feed on Facebook … SOMEONE is talking about how freakin’ hot it’s been.  NJ is no exception even though we had a week of blissful weather just 5 short days ago.  Of course the night before last our A/C broke just in time for 95 degree temps!  Thankfully it was a simple fix and we were back to enjoying a nice cool house last night.  These temps are also messing with my running mojo … that’s for darn sure!

Week #6 of NYC Marathon training went off without a hitch 🙂  Due to some scheduling conflicts, I was forced to do my long run on the treadmill at the gym.  It wasn’t super horrible but I definitely prefer being outdoors for runs!  Here’s how last week’s training shaped up:

  • Sunday – 4 miles at a quick (for me!) pace
  • Monday – 3 miles of cross training on the elliptical
  • Tuesday – 6.2 miles on the TM
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Speedwork on TM 3.7 miles
  • Friday – 11 miles TM
  • Saturday – OFF
  • WEEKLY TOTAL = 27.9 miles

I cannot believe I’m already into week #7 of training!!  This week has been off to a bit of a crappy start since I didn’t get out and run on Sunday and Monday’s cross training workout was sub par. I rallied back with a 5 miler outside yesterday evening — it was steamy and slow….but I was out there!  The heat index is going to be steadily climbing for the rest of the week and I was going to “wimp out” and do my long run inside again…..but after reaching out to one of my ACS coaches — he pretty much told me to suck it up, get outside, hydrate well and go slow if you have to!!  So this Saturday I’ll be greeted with a 5:15 alarm and off I’ll go to get in a 12 miler before it becomes unbearable outside.

Do you get discouraged when the heat slows you down?


One Response to It’s gettin’ hot in here!!!!

  1. Brit says:

    I get totally discouraged when the hot summer temperatures slow me down. It helps me a lot to go old school and map my route before I leave home so I can ditch the Garmin. Something about not knowing how slow I am makes it much more bearable.

    Hope things cool down for you! I talked to my parents in NJ yesterday and they said the heat index by them was about 110. Yikes!

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