NYC Marathon Training Week #8: Complete!

July 31, 2011

I can’t believe I’ve completed 8 weeks of training already….I also can’t believe that the marathon is merely 3 months away.  SCARY – but exciting 🙂

I felt good this week which I’m happy about because last week certainly wasn’t anything to rave about.  Not completing my long run really left me feeling discouraged and I made it a point to push hard this week to “make up for it”. I’m experiencing some weird soreness/pain in my right foot that seems to linger after long runs and I’m trying to figure out exactly what could be causing it.  Seems like some tightness in the arch that I try to massage out after a run and I’ve been throwing some ice on it too.

This month I started to incorporate more core work into my routine.  I REALLY need to start dedicating more time to upper body work as well.  I’m super proud because at the beginning of the month I could hold a plank (on elbows with feet together) for 30 seconds…and that was a struggle.  I also must admit that I was a “one and done” girl and couldn’t do it again after that initial 30 seconds.  Now I’m up to well over a minute for each plank and I can do at least 3 before I burn out 🙂  For the month of August I am going to commit to more core work and at least 3 days/week of some upper body work as well.

My long run yesterday was a little more about quantity than quality.  After the first 5 miles I needed to head home because of tummy troubles.  After a quick br stop, I decided to let Arthur accompany me for the next 4.25 miles since he was waiting by the door! He held up pretty well but we definitely had to pause for sniff and BR breaks for him.  I then dropped him off back home and continued that last 2.75 miles by myself.  I forced myself to get up with the sun and just head out the door immediately….this was a smart decision because by 8 am the sun was already really strong and I knew it would’ve been a repeat of last week had I not got up and got my run in before then.

Here’s what my week of training looked like:

  • Sunday – OFF
  • Monday – 4.5 miles TM
  • Tuesday – 5.2 miles TM (Fartlek workout)
  • Wednesday – 4.25 miles outside
  • Thursday – 4.5 miles TM (speed intervals) and 10 min on stair mill
  • Friday – 4.75 miles AMT and 1.25 miles TM
  • Saturday – 12 miles outside
  • WEEKLY TOTAL: 36.45
  • JULY TOTAL: 125.3

Today is a rest day — I may try to swim a few laps in my IL’s pool 🙂

Looking forward to completing my next month of training!



Had to cut it short :(

July 23, 2011

Week #7 of NYC Marathon training is complete!  Kind of bittersweet as this week was definitely not one to put in the record books.  The insanely hot temps coupled with busy days at the office made for one VERY tired runner!

I seriously had every intention of getting up at 5:15 a.m. this morning to get in my 12 miler, but 6:00 just sounded so much better.  BIG MISTAKE!

Upon waking up I was greeted with temps in the high 80’s with a heat index of above 90 at 6:20 a.m.  I tried to eat breakfast, hydrate and get out the door as fast as I could….but I had a sinking feeling that 12 miles just wasn’t going to happen.  I took it very slowly and made sure to hydrate along the way and take walk breaks when needed.  At the 6.5 mile mark I had to come to terms with the fact that I could not bear to go on.  It just wasn’t safe to be out there and I was quickly running out of sprinklers to run through.  I feel defeated that I couldn’t make it and I almost had the thought to just go the distance no matter how long it took me … but then I was flirting with the sun getting stronger and stronger.  It just wasn’t my day 😦  so no “long run” for this week of training.

Here’s what this week’s training looked like:

  • Sunday – OFF
  • Monday – Cross training (and a wimpy effort at that) 3 miles total between elliptical and TM
  • Tuesday – 5 miles outside
  • Wednesday – 4.25 miles cross train on AMT
  • Thursday – 5.1 miles on TM – intervals
  • Friday – “Mixed Bag” of cross training – 3 miles total
  • Saturday – 6.5 miles outside
  • WEEKLY TOTAL = 26.85  —> BLECK!

Not all training weeks can be stellar … especially not ones that are amidst a crazy heat wave.

Onto week #8 🙂

It’s gettin’ hot in here!!!!

July 20, 2011

It seems like the heat wave is all the rave lately 🙂  no matter which blogs I read,  what news channel I watch or  how many times I consult the recent news feed on Facebook … SOMEONE is talking about how freakin’ hot it’s been.  NJ is no exception even though we had a week of blissful weather just 5 short days ago.  Of course the night before last our A/C broke just in time for 95 degree temps!  Thankfully it was a simple fix and we were back to enjoying a nice cool house last night.  These temps are also messing with my running mojo … that’s for darn sure!

Week #6 of NYC Marathon training went off without a hitch 🙂  Due to some scheduling conflicts, I was forced to do my long run on the treadmill at the gym.  It wasn’t super horrible but I definitely prefer being outdoors for runs!  Here’s how last week’s training shaped up:

  • Sunday – 4 miles at a quick (for me!) pace
  • Monday – 3 miles of cross training on the elliptical
  • Tuesday – 6.2 miles on the TM
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Speedwork on TM 3.7 miles
  • Friday – 11 miles TM
  • Saturday – OFF
  • WEEKLY TOTAL = 27.9 miles

I cannot believe I’m already into week #7 of training!!  This week has been off to a bit of a crappy start since I didn’t get out and run on Sunday and Monday’s cross training workout was sub par. I rallied back with a 5 miler outside yesterday evening — it was steamy and slow….but I was out there!  The heat index is going to be steadily climbing for the rest of the week and I was going to “wimp out” and do my long run inside again…..but after reaching out to one of my ACS coaches — he pretty much told me to suck it up, get outside, hydrate well and go slow if you have to!!  So this Saturday I’ll be greeted with a 5:15 alarm and off I’ll go to get in a 12 miler before it becomes unbearable outside.

Do you get discouraged when the heat slows you down?

I don’t think I could’ve picked a better birthday present

July 12, 2011

I got my official invitation for guaranteed entry into the marathon today.

Of course I knew I was “in” since I reached my fundraising minimum, but this just makes it REAL.



July 12, 2011

That’s me today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!

Kicked off the day with an awesome 6.2 mile run at the gym on the treadmill 🙂  Had to stop halfway through for a quick potty break but felt great the whole time.  I could’ve really kept going but that thing called work got in the way!

Not doing anything special today.  The hubs and I will go out for a nice dinner on Saturday to commemorate my 32 years on this earth. I’m thinking that tonight should consist of pizza, cupcakes and vodka 🙂

So far I’m feeling great this week with the training.  The step back week was just what the doctor ordered and I’m excited to turn up the intensity again during this week’s training.

Belmar Five 2011: Race Recap (and NYC Marathon Training Week 5: Complete)

July 10, 2011

Long title, eh?

Yesterday morning I woke up early and headed out the door to run run my first 5 mile race of 2011.  The last 5 miler I ran was the Beauty and the Beach 5 mile on 11/13/10….a race in which the chip timing was all off and I forgot to stop my watch after I crossed the finish line!  I also tried to look up the results online and can’t find my “official” time on the list (see what I mean about messed up timing??).  If I had to estimate – I think I finished in 49 mins and change. (Garmin time was 49:25)  Also, the last time I ran the Belmar Five (8 years ago) my time was 1:00:47….so even though I knew I’d beat that time, I was hoping to PR with a time less than that of the BATB run.

WELL……I DID IT!!!  PR with 47:57 🙂 🙂 🙂

The race was pretty big (over 2500 runners) and I should’ve placed myself closer to the start line….my first mile was kind of slow (10:10) because of the crowds.  Other than that rookie mistake, I am happy with how I performed 🙂  The weather was pretty warm (low 80’s) with no cloud cover — so the sun was HOT!  Lucky for us, there was a slight breeze so if you dumped water on yourself at each station, you could remain fairly cool.  Also, there was lots of neighborhood support with many people out on the street with their hoses so you could run through it — which was fantastic!  I also made sure to take 2 cups of water at each station (one to drink and one to dump on myself!).  I think that approach worked pretty well 🙂

One of my goals was to run negative splits the entire race and I’m happy to say that I accomplished that goal too 🙂 Even though I started out with a slow first mile, I managed to rally back and get faster with each mile that passed.  I was feeling really strong and even though the sun was strong, I just kept telling myself “negative splits” and kept on trucking.  I also knew that once I hit the 4.5 mile mark, that I would run as fast as I could to the end.  This part was a little tough because we were running directly east and into FULL sun — my body was cooking by that part!  I finished running my last mile in 8:40 — I haven’t seen a time like that on my Garmin in a long time!

Here’s the only pic I could find (me in the green shirt – obviously chip time is faster than clock):


After collecting my medal and beverages, I walked back to my car to go home 🙂  I purposely parked about a mile away from the start so I could have a nice warm up and cool down.  Legs feel great today and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m also done with my fifth week of marathon training!  As I mentioned previously, I took it easy this week so that I would have fresh legs for the race.  Here’s how the week shaped up:

  • Sunday – REST
  • Monday – 3.5 mile run (1 mile walk with dogs directly after)
  • Tuesday – REST
  • Wednesday – 5.25 miles on TM
  • Thursday – 5.1 miles (speedwork) on TM
  • Friday – 3 miles on elliptical and lots of stretching
  • Saturday – 5 mile race

This week I have to turn up the intensity and increase the mileage but I’m ready to rock!  Bring it on!!!


I’m going to the Bronx….yo!

July 6, 2011

In my almost 32 years of being on this earth, living in NJ, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Bronx for anything. No Yankees games, no Bronx zoo….OH WAIT, we can count going there as part of the 5-Borough Bike Tour, right? Well in that case I’ve biked through the Bronx on two separate occasions….but that’s about it.

Why am I going to the Bronx you ask? I’ve decided to register for the Bronx Half Marathon on August 28th. It’s part of the NYRR Half Marathon Series and probably not the most desirable place to run a 1/2 in the blazing August heat and humidity…but our head coach suggested that we run it as part of our training. Since I’m basically missing out on all the fun group runs in NYC, I figured this was a chance to run with the coaches and teammates before the marathon. So on the calendar it went and now I have to figure out race day logistics because there is no way I can drive there the morning of. Hopefully I can find a decent place to stay that will allow for public transportation to the start area that won’t break the bank. We are already splurging on a hotel for marathon weekend so I don’t want to go too crazy on lodging expenses this time around.

This week has been a “mild” week of training thus far. I missed a tempo run that was supposed to be yesterday but I really don’t want to push myself too hard with my upcoming 5 mile race this Saturday. I want to have fresh legs and a decent time to post so taking it easy isn’t going to kill me. I can definitely turn up the intensity again next week!

If anyone has suggestions on where I can stay that’s close to the Bronx and not ridiculously expensive, please let me know!