Busy Busy Busy!!!!

January 28, 2012

This is why I’ve been lacking on the posting lately! I have definitely kept up with my training and have managed to fit it in with my crazy work weeks! Yes, there are mornings when I wake up simply exhausted and question my motives as I stare at my tired reflection in the bathroom mirror at 5:15 a.m. But after I complete my workout, I feel great and ready to tackle the day. I think my biggest obstacle that I’m still trying to manage is my lack of ability to shut my brain off at night. I wind up laying in bed wide awake (though exhausted) thinking about all the projects that I need to complete.

I was going to try melatonin to help me drift off and stay asleep but I was given a suugestion by a friend to try a supplement called Holy Basil. It is supposed to help with managing stress and cortisol levels in your body. I took 2 capsules about two hours before bedtime and definitely felt “different” …. Kind of relaxed maybe? I’m not sure if this was just a placebo effect or not but I’m going to try it again and see if I experience them same sensation I had a couple nights ago.

Okay so the training has been going well. My body is tired (to be expected) and my knees were a little achy this week. I have a feeling the ache stemmed from running two long runs (10 miles each) within the span of 5 days with a 6.5 tempo in between. Normally I wouldn’t do something like that but the only time I could fit in my long run this week was on Tuesday morning before work….so I’m paying for it now! I also altered my schedule to fit one running day on Sunday so it felt good to start my week with only 2 more runs to be completed 🙂
Can’t believe I’ve already completed 4 weeks of training!

Here’s what the last 2 weeks of training looked like:
Week #3
Sunday: off
Monday: Speedwork (1200, 1000, 800, 400, 200, 100) all with a 200 rest interval in between. 5.5 miles total
Tuesday: swim 1250m, strength training and stretching
Wednesday: 7 mile tempo
Thursday: swim 1150m, strength training and stretching
Friday: 10 miles @ 10:15 pace
Saturday: rest
Week #4
Sunday: 6.5 mile tempo
Monday: swim 1100m, strength training
Tuesday: 10.25 mile long run (10:15 pace)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Speedwork (5 x 1k) with 400 rest interval, 5.25 miles
Friday: swim 1150m, strength training
Saturday: off

Whew that was a lot. Thanks for reading if you got this far!


Marathon Training Week 1 – DONE

January 8, 2012

That’s right folks, first week is in the history books and I’m already looking forward to week #2.

The 3 key runs of this past week were tough but not too overbearing and I definitely felt “accomplished” after completing each one. The other great part is that I got my long run of 8 miles done on Friday so I was able to enjoy being lazy this weekend. I also like that if I decide to do any workouts on the weekend, they are just considered “bonus workouts” since I’ve already done the hard stuff during the week 🙂 Yesterday was a nice 35 min trail walk with the dogs and hubs…nothing crazy but a nice way to get some fresh air and a little cardio.

Obviously I can’t form too formal of an opinion of the FIRST program just yet; but I will say that I think I am going to enjoy not having to run 6 days a week! I also found that during this past week I was able to truly push myself during the 3 key runs without having the feeling of “gotta do this again tomorrow”. I also love the fact that I can swim on the cross training days because those days have to be “hard” as well and my body appreciates the workout without the pounding! I am also digging the true flexibility of putting the 3 runs any day of the week as long as they are not back to back. My plan is to do M,W,F since I leave work at 12 on Fridays and can go for my long run then :). This wouldn’t be something that would work during the summer months but for winter training, this is perfect!
In addition, our local running club does 6+ mile group runs on Thursday evenings so I can always meet up with them for a good portion of my long run if I wanted to switch things up some weeks…especially since they meet about 4 miles away from my office.

So far the body is feeling good and knees are holding up. Let’s hope everything stays that way for 17 more weeks!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

And so it begins…..again :)

January 4, 2012

Happy 2012 Blog World!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season filled with lots of treats and equal parts of exercise 🙂  I sure had my share of Christmas cookies and cosmopolitans but I got in some decent workouts and didn’t feel too blobby so it’s all good.  The time off from work was good for my totally fried brain but it’s nice to be back on a schedule once again.  There were days when it was close to 1pm and I was still lounging in my PJs where I literally had to peel myself off the couch to get a run in!

SO…..big news on the running front….I’ve officially registered for marathon #2!!!!  I had been kicking around the idea since the middle of November but was nervous to register for some odd reason.  Then right before Christmas break a coupon code popped in my email and I knew it was fate 🙂  I still held off until 12/30 to actually hit the register button but now there’s no turning back and May 6th will be here soon.  I’m excited for my second marathon to be close to home with minimal logistics for getting there parking, spectating, etc.   An added bonus is that the ocean will still be pretty cold at that point so I fully plan on soaking my legs afterwards if it’s calm enough to do so.

Since I’ve already have the distance under my belt, it’s time to tackle this marathon with some new goals:

  1. Stay injury free during this 18-week training cycle
  2. Complete a 20 mile training run BEFORE actual marathon day
  3. Don’t call my husband  crying at any point in the race
  4. Beat my first marathon time (shouldn’t be difficult to do if I stay injury free!)

I have decided to follow this Furman FIRST training plan (novice).  After reading it over and over and over again, it seems doable and I like that I can still incorporate swimming and lifting into the training schedule on my cross training days.   I am really looking forward to this training cycle and I’m hoping that I can really tap into my body’s running potential without any obstacles.  So with that, here’s what Week 1 of my training is looking like:

Monday: 5.25 miles – speedwork  (1 mile warm-up, 3X1600 with a 400m recovery interval in between and a 1/2 mile cool down)

Tuesday: 1250m swim, LB strength and stretching

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo ( 2 mile easy warm-up, 2 miles at short tempo pace, 2 miles cool-down)

Thursday: 1250m swim, LB stength and stretching

Friday: 8 mile long run

Saturday: Yoga and core work