About rDr

Even though I’ve always ran …. I would never consider myself a runner.  Not sure why.   I guess in my head I consider runners to be all sleek and donned in the most amazing running gear and pounding out at least 10 miles a day at a nice quick pace.  I SO DO NOT fit that definition; however, I guess I should consider myself a runner – even though I don’t have the “runner build” or the fast pace to back that claim….although I do have some cute running gear so 1 out of 3 isn’t bad.  I guess I can at least look the part, right?

I ran my first road race back in the day (circa 1991) when I was 12.  It was a one mile “fun run” and I remember feeling so cool having a race number attached to my shirt 🙂  I think my time was around 9:20.  The next year I ran it again and actually placed 3rd (the one and only time I’ve ever placed in a race) with a time of 7:59.  Here I am 20 years later still trying to beat that time (I kid….well not really).  I dabbled with track and field my first two years of high school but then sidelined myself thereafter due to foot surgeries.  I’ve never been uber competitive when it came to running, it was just something I enjoyed.

So here I am at the ripe old age of 32 and pretty much have every “racing distance” under my belt from 1 mile through marathon.  I started getting more “serious” about running in the last two years and just recently accomplished my bucket list item of running my first marathon (and it HAD to be NYC of course!)

I originally started this blog as a virtual document of my training for this huge accomplishment.  And now that its over,  I need to think about what I could POSSIBLY contribute to the world of running through this itty-bitty-tweeny-weeny blog.

So anyway, that’s me in a nutshell.  I run slow and write about it 🙂


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