Week #5 = great training week!

February 4, 2012

I have now completed five weeks of training and besides feeling a bit achy from my long run yesterday, I am on cloud nine with my training accomplishments this week 🙂

Accomplishment #1 – not breathing with every swim stroke
Since I began swimming in August, I have definitely been improving each week. This week I finally decided to let go of the security blanket of taking a breath with each right stroke and tried going every other. Let’s see if I can explain this on “paper”. Normally I’d swim like this: breathe, left, breathe, left….(constantly taking my head out of water on the right stroke)
This time I tried this: breathe, left, right, left, breathe….once I got into the groove, it was fantastic! I even increased it to a breath every five strokes too and was okay with that as well.
The next milestone will be being able to take breaths with the left stroke as well, but that is a ways away!

Accomplishment #2 – mile repeats at fastest pace ever (for me)
With this training cycle I’ve been pushing the limits with my speed and forcing myself to break out of the comfort zone of my running. I’ve said it before that the only way to get fast is to run faster! This week my speed workout was mile repeats (3 x 1600) with a two min rest interval. I was able to run these at an 8:00/mi pace! I know I have it in me to go faster and I hope by the end of this cycle I can shave off even more time.

Accomplishment #3 – 11 miles on the tm (should have been an easy long run but I made it more of a progressive run)
Started this out nice and easy at a 10:00 pace for the first 3 miles, Then picked it up to 9:26 for the next two miles, then 9:09 for a mile, then 8:32 for the next two miles, then backed it down to 9:26 for 2 miles, then 8:50 ish for 1.5 miles and back down to 10:00 for the last half mile. This is probably why I’m a bit achy today and I was wiped out afterwards but it was a great workout!

Not going to list all my training this week. Accomplishments speak for themselves and I’m looking forward to week #6!!!!!