Don’t be afraid to be sprayed :)

May 29, 2011

I knew I had set out way too late for my run this a.m. (8:45 to be exact).  The weather was already pretty hot and the sun was blazing! I figured I’d go with the goal of doing at least 5 miles and see how I felt from there. I will also point out that I’m getting progressively slower and it’s really starting to peeve me!

Anyway… I happily jogged along my usual route while making sure to sip my ice water after every mile or so (I started increasing my fluid intake after about the 3rd mile — it was getting HOT).  At about mile 4.5 it was really toasty outside and I felt myself burning up.  So what’s a runner to do?  Well….you happily ask the man watering his lawn to squirt you with the hose 🙂  It went something like this:

  • ME: “can you do me a HUGE favor?”
  • Guy: “Sure, what’s up?”
  • ME: “can you spray me with your hose?”
  • Guy: “are you sure??”
  • ME: “YES!!!!”
  • ::Insert a happy Dana getting sprayed::
  • ME: “THANK YOU!!!!!”

I’m sure the man thought I was nuts but damn that felt good!!!  I also asked another woman who was washing her car to spray me a mile later and then ran through someone’s sprinklers as well.  I didn’t care … it was hot and it felt great!!!  At mile 6.5 I stopped home because I had ran out of water and I was hot again – I ran inside, drank some water, wet a towel and zipped back out the door for the .66 miles around my development (I just wasn’t happy with 6.5!)  I was actually feeling pretty decent (aside from the heat) and if it wasn’t so steamy out, I would’ve definitely complete a couple more miles.

Note to self: set alarm clock even though you don’t want to on weekends when you plan on completing a long run in the summer.


It’s the start of my long weekend!

May 27, 2011

Well technically it started at 3:30 yesterday when I left my office; but I spent the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry so it wouldn’t cramp my style for the next 4 days.

Memorial day weekend means different things to different people. Here at the shore, it means the next 3 months of lots of local traffic, no parking near the beach, paying to get on the beach and just plain feeling crowded.

It’s supposed to be hot and sunny for the next few days so maybe I’ll drag the beach chairs out and head to the sand and surf. It’s this time of year when I desperately long for a big yard and a pool!

Success (with pics!)

May 24, 2011

I’m still in shock and awe over the amazing fundraiser I had last week.  Sorry it took so long to get pics; I am still in search of the missing camera battery charger!!  Here are some of my faves from the night:

These were the special gift auction prizes: coach bag and a limo ride/baseball tix.

A view of my lovely gift auction 🙂

The other side of the auction table

Me at the check in table (my mom made the poster)

This is Amanda – she’s the one that helped me get into The Mill 🙂

Some attendees (the neon bags were the “goodie bags” I handed out)

The fam! LtoR: Dad, Grandpop, Hubs, Me, Mom and Sis

I sent in all the $$$ to the ACS and I’m anxiously awaiting my fundraising page to be updated.  The minute they get that money, I will be sent my invitation code to the NYC Marathon — then it truly becomes REAL.  OMG!

I really never expected this whole experience to be as rewarding as it has been so far.  I knew that when I chose to make 2011 the “year of the marathon” that I would tie it to a charity close to my heart – but I just never prepared myself for the overwhelming sense of  fulfillment by doing it.  I’m beginning to think this may become an annual thing for me 🙂

Training fell by the wayside last week! I only made it to the gym two times and both included about 30 min. on the elliptical.  I guess you could count Wednesday as a workout too — I trudged up and down my parents steps 25 times hauling all the prizes from my sister’s old room down to the garage where I was parked.  That has to count for something!!!

This week I’m still taking it a bit slow and just letting my body “do what it wants”. Once official marathon training commences, I will kick it into high gear, but for these next two weeks I just want to SLACK and not necessarily follow a strict schedule.  Yesterday I went out for an easy 5 miler after work….I didn’t go nuts and hovered around a 9:45 pace for the most part.  I’m a little sore today but that’s to be expected — I haven’t really ran outside in almost 2 weeks!  Tomorrow I’m going to do some speedwork and lifting at the gym and maybe do some short runs on Thursday/Friday.  We’ll see what happens.  I’d like to get a longer run in on Saturday but again, I’m not going to focus on pace – just want to get the miles under my belt and work from there.

Special congrats to Lisa who ran her first marathon over the weekend!!!!  She totally rocked it and I’m so proud of her! I can’t wait to post the words “I’m a marathoner” once November rolls around.

Also, I have to give a plug to my “team mate” Sam who is hosting the raffle of all raffles to raise money for the ACS…go check out her blog and DONATE!!!! (Sam, I don’t know who reads this but it’s worth a shot to get it out there!)

And lastly to Courtenay who completed her first 8 mile run today and celebrated with Chipotle — that’s my kinda girl!!!  Court, we totally need to meet one day!


May 18, 2011

That’s how much I raised tonight, due in part to a HUGE donation from Lake Riviera Middle School who gave me over $2k.

Needless to say – HUGE SUCCESS 🙂

Better update with pics to come soon.

It’s the eve of “Cocktails for a Cure”

May 17, 2011


I’m beginning to count my lucky stars that I wanted to get my “big” fundraiser out of the way before the hardcore marathon training commences.  I have worked out one time (this morning) since last Thursday!  If it’s not horrible weather tomorrow morning, I am going to sneak out for a run before I head out to work…because once I leave this house, I’m not coming back until I’ve raised a BOATLOAD of money for the American Cancer Society.

25 gift auction items neatly wrapped and labled – check!

100 goodie bags with all kinds of swag – check!

two SUPER SPECIAL raffle items – check!

Email Bethenny Frankel countless times to see if she’ll come – check!

Get the word out as much as possible – check!

This has been so much fun already and the event hasn’t even begun 🙂  I did get word back from SkinnyGirl cocktails and we were all set up to have a representative do samplings … however, my event venue felt that it would “take away” from the cash bar. Bummer!  I don’t think they realized the draw that SkinnyGirl brand has been getting lately.  I emailed the rep. and apologized profusely that we couldn’t do the samplings – however I still asked for the 6 bottles of SkinnyGirl margarita that she was going to send over.  She hasn’t responded so who knows if they’ll be waiting for me or not.  Guess I’ll find out sometime tomorrow.

I’ve already got about 50 people coming and I’m hoping to break 100!!! I promise to take lots and lots and lots of pictures and will report back ASAP if Bethenny shows up!!!!!

Wish me luck!

Getting psyched!

May 11, 2011

On the countdown to my fund raising event! T-minus one week until it’s finally here 🙂

I still have so much to get done between now and then, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle.  I know for a fact that my event is going to be awesome, now it’s just a matter of getting people to show up.  If any of you watch Bravo and the show “Bethenny Ever After”, you’ll know that she’s built a huge empire with the SkinnyGirl margarita (and various other SkinnyGirl “stuff”).  Well, on a whim I decided to write to SkinnyGirl cocktails and see if they’d be interested in doing a tasting at my event and I actually got a call back!!  It’s still very premature but I returned the reps’ phone call yesterday and just waiting to iron out all the details.  I even went as far as posting on Bethenny’s FB page that she should come to my event — I would seriously DIE right on the spot if she showed up!  I’m only about an hour from where she lives so it’s not like it could be totally out of the question, right?

Training this week is a wee bit mediocre as my head is obviously “not in the game”.  I’m doing my best to get some quality workouts it though.  Here’s what it’s looking like:

  • Sunday and Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 3.6 miles (.3 warm up, 1 mile = 9:31 pace, 1 mile = 9:22 pace, 1 mile= 9:00 pace, .3 cool down)
  • Wednesday – 20 min walk on TM, lift for upper body
  • Thursday – speedwork! (warm up, 2×1600 (9:00 pace) w/ 800 jog in between, cool down)
  • Friday – 15 min intervals on stairmill and a strength circuit
  • Saturday – long run (8-10 miles) @ 9:40 pace(or quicker!)

Off to go try to get something constructive (other than training or fund raising) done!!!

Head games

May 7, 2011

So Happy Saturday!

Today was my scheduled long run. 8 miles.

I woke up this morning ready to take it on! I’ve done this before, surely I can knock this out and add another great training day to my workout routine.

Have my coffee, eat a light breakfast, go upstairs and put my running clothes on. Whip out the Garmin and figure out how to set a workout (because I’ve had this thing for 18 months and barely know how to work it aside from hitting “start” at the beginning of a run).

Me: “oh hey, I can set this thing for 8 miles, set my pace and go nuts with my bad self”

Commence run.

Mile 1: “feeling good, sun is out, birds are singing, life is good”  (Garmin beeps 9:22 pace)

Mile 2: “yeah, not feeling this anymore, legs are getting tight, ugh need to stretch” (Garmin beeps 10:18 pace)

Mile 3: “for real?!?!? maybe I’m doing too much; training too hard; need to walk” (Garmin beeps 12:42 pace) “ugh just make it to 4 miles and you can stop”

Mile 4: “oh thank god this torture is over – F this 8 mile run, who needs to run 8 miles today? certainly not me” (Garmin beeps 11:40 pace and taunts me with the message “50% complete) “okay I’ll run towards home and see how I feel”  Then I remember that my blog friend Courtenay is running her first 10K honor of Court, just make it to 6.2, then you can quit”

Mile 5: 6.2 for Court, 6.2 for Court” Chanting over and over again. “C’mon Dana, you got this…” (Garmin beeps 10:27 pace)

Mile 6(.2): “whoo hoo I made it!!! 1.8 miles left….for goodness sake, just finish what you came out to do” (Garmin beeps 9:42 pace)

Mile 7: “running is fun, well not really, but I’m really almost done” (Garmin beeps 9:20 pace)

Mile 8: “just keep moving, you’re almost there, just a little further, this isn’t so bad….who am I kidding, today this sucks….just keep going” (Garmin proceeds to play a little tune of victory, 10:10 pace, “workout complete”)

Happily walk my 1/2 mile cool down back home 🙂