Two Weeks of NO Running: Complete!

September 25, 2011

Well I did it and managed to stay pretty sane the entire time. This past week I tried some new things at the gym to change up my cross training but I’m definitely missing just putting on my sneakers and heading out the door. I also forgot how “easy” it is to fit in a workout by doing just that if I didn’t make it to the gym that day. My training was not very consistent this week as I didn’t work out as much as I would’ve liked, but I still got in some decent sessions and I have to remember to really increase the intensity these next two weeks before “taper madness”. It feels weird even saying that term because I have not been intensely running in what feels like forever!

The knee is still not 100 percent but I’m confident that it is on the mend. I really think the full two weeks of non running helped alot. I have even graduated from 3 weekly chiro/pt sessions to 2 starting this week 🙂
I tested the waters this morning and went out for a slow and steady 8.5 mile run. I kept concentrating on my form and foot strikes and i’m proud to say that the knee is feeling good. My legs, on the other hand, are pretty toasted! Today’s run definitely upped my confidence level and I definitely don’t feel like I lost any endurance (thank you swimming!). I will now spend the rest of my Sunday lounging in my compression tights with the pups 🙂

Here’s what the workouts looked like this past week:
Sunday — off
Monday — 3.25mi on elliptical and LB strength
Tuesday — a “triathlon” – 1000m swim, 4.5mi bike (15 min), 2mi “run” on elliptical (15 min)
Wednesday — off
Thursday — off
Friday– 1000m swim, 4.1mi bike, 15 min stairmill, LB strength
Saturday — 30 min walk and LB plyometrics

Looking forward to another week of training 🙂 especially since I’m in the final stretch.
Happy Sunday!!!


I don’t know what I am…

September 17, 2011

Hello blog world … yes I’m still alive!  Sorry I went on a blog hiatus but I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  As the title states, I really don’t know where my head is at right now.  I can’t decide if I’m upset, angry or just dismissive of the fact that my knee is still not 100%.  As I stare at my training calendar and realize that right at this minute I should be amidst my first 20 mile run in absolutely PERFECT weather – I sit here typing this all bummed out that I can’t even get close to that distance right now.  Frankly I’m not sure what’s going to happen on marathon day if my knee doesn’t start cooperating soon.  It’s been a month since my last long run — that is NOT good.

I have been keeping up with a decent training schedule and making substitutions to keep up my cardio endurance.  I actually think that the swimming has improved that to some degree and I’ll admit that I do enjoy it.  In addition, I have the go ahead from the doc. to start really hammering down on strength training for my lower body (hips, quads, calves and ankles) because that will obviously give my knee better support.  Over the past 3 weeks, I have snuck in some runs that have been 6 miles or less….but I think (and this can shoot me in the foot) I may abandon running for the next two weeks to allow my knee to heal completely.  Mind you I’m making this decision in the height of my training when I should really be ramping up the mileage.  I also think that my “running” will have to be completed on this bad boy:

The beloved AMT.  Much harder than an elliptical (IMHO) and a great workout that doesn’t bother my knee at all.  The only problem is that there is only one of these at the gym and there is a guy that tends to hog it in the mornings (I say this as I spend 60+ min. when I’m on it!).  My goal is to get 2-3 workouts on this piece of equipment each week along with swimming and strength training.  In the past I’ve been able to incorporate 2 workouts/week on the AMT but I’m going to need to get to the gym early so I can do more than an hour (and beat the guy that hogs it – I’m so mature).

Anywho, I got my start time and bib number for NYC this week.  While I should be jumping up and down and so excited … I’m just not 😦  Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this knee will get back to normal.  Come hell or high water I am doing the marathon – I’ve invested way too much time and money to back out now!

Here’s what the training looked like for the last two weeks:

Training Week #14 (it sucked)

  • Sunday – OFF
  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – 5 miles outside
  • Wednesday – 45 min swim, 15 min intervals on stairmill
  • Thursday – 4 miles outside
  • Friday – 60 min swim
  • Saturday – OFF

Training Week #15 (improvement)

  • Sunday – 6 miles outside (knee was not happy)
  • Monday – 45 min swim
  • Tuesday – 5 mile elliptical, LB strength training
  • Wednesday – 45 min swim
  • Thursday – 15 min stairmill, 25 min AMT, LB strength training
  • Friday –  45 min swim
  • Saturday – OFF

Side note about the swimming – My usual “routine” is to do one lap freestyle followed by one lap breaststroke.  It’s sort of an HIIT workout for me since I recover from the fast (for me) freestyle with a slower, control breaststroke.  I definitely feel worked afterwards!

Have a great weekend everyone!

NYC Marathon Training: Week 13 – Back on Track…kinda

September 3, 2011

Another week in the records and I feel like this week was certainly better than the last….my knee has been cooperating nicely and besides swimming, I was able to get in two runs and two workouts on the AMT.  I still held back this week because I didn’t want to blow it by jumping back into hardcore training and messing myself up again.  I did my “long run” of 6 miles this morning at a conservative 10:15 pace and felt good.  I definitely don’t feel like I’ve lost any fitness since I’ve been off the training routine and I can thank the pool workouts for that!  I’m a little saddened by the fact that today should have been my 18-mile run but I’ll get back to that level soon if my knee stays on the mend.  Hips and back feel wonderful!!!!

Here’s how the training looked for this past week:

  • Sunday – Rest
  • Monday – 3.5 mile run
  • Tuesday – 5.2 miles AMT (60 min hill workout)
  • Wednesday – 60 min swim
  • Thursday – 5.2 miles AMT (60 min hill workout)
  • Friday – 45 min swim
  • Saturday – 6 mile run
  • WEEKLY TOTAL: 19.9 miles (I’ll take it)

As I sit here typing I can definitely feel my knee tightening up again 😦  Time to go ice it down!!!