Is it enough?

Hello Blog World!  It’s been awhile….I needed a break and I’m glad I built two “break weeks” into my training schedule to accommodate just that.  I used one a while back when I had achy knees and threw in an easy week last week because I was starting to get really burned out.  I was waking up in the morning dreading my decision to do another marathon and wanted nothing more that a couple days to just veg out and do nothing.  So from Wednesday – Sunday I did just that (aside from a couple walks with the dogs — but that doesn’t count as “working out”).  Monday morning I woke up with a desire to put my shoes on and get out there again — too bad it was 40 mph winds outside.  I had all intentions of doing 10 miles but after 7.5 I gave up and let the wind beat me.  Yesterday was a 4 mile recovery run and today was speedwork that totaled 5.5 miles.  I think tomorrow I’ll swim and lift to give my legs a bit of a break and then do another 4 as a shake out on Friday.

On tap for this weekend:  the SCARY 20 miler!!!

Fortunately enough, the NJ Marathon offers a free 20 mile tune up run where water and gu are available on the course and you run a good portion of the marathon course.  I decided to partake in this fun adventure since I’d much rather run with other people than by myself for 20 freakin long miles.  I’m really hoping for a confidence booster because I’m starting to feel like I haven’t done enough to feel fully prepared.  As I look back at my training since January, I definitely put in the time and effort and hit nearly all of my training runs as prescribed.  Sure I made some modifications to some speedwork days – still did the speed, just maybe not exactly as it was written and perhaps I may have broken up two of my long runs by running 10 in the morning and the remainder after work. But I’ve definitely done MORE than my last training cycle — so there’s bound to be improvement, right?





One Response to Is it enough?

  1. Lisa says:

    That 20 miler sounds like an awesome way to experience the marathon course and get in your miles. And you can’t beat the price tag! I think you will definitely be ready for a big marathon PR next month.

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