Marathon Training Week 1 – DONE

That’s right folks, first week is in the history books and I’m already looking forward to week #2.

The 3 key runs of this past week were tough but not too overbearing and I definitely felt “accomplished” after completing each one. The other great part is that I got my long run of 8 miles done on Friday so I was able to enjoy being lazy this weekend. I also like that if I decide to do any workouts on the weekend, they are just considered “bonus workouts” since I’ve already done the hard stuff during the week šŸ™‚ Yesterday was a nice 35 min trail walk with the dogs and hubs…nothing crazy but a nice way to get some fresh air and a little cardio.

Obviously I can’t form too formal of an opinion of the FIRST program just yet; but I will say that I think I am going to enjoy not having to run 6 days a week! I also found that during this past week I was able to truly push myself during the 3 key runs without having the feeling of “gotta do this again tomorrow”. I also love the fact that I can swim on the cross training days because those days have to be “hard” as well and my body appreciates the workout without the pounding! I am also digging the true flexibility of putting the 3 runs any day of the week as long as they are not back to back. My plan is to do M,W,F since I leave work at 12 on Fridays and can go for my long run then :). This wouldn’t be something that would work during the summer months but for winter training, this is perfect!
In addition, our local running club does 6+ mile group runs on Thursday evenings so I can always meet up with them for a good portion of my long run if I wanted to switch things up some weeks…especially since they meet about 4 miles away from my office.

So far the body is feeling good and knees are holding up. Let’s hope everything stays that way for 17 more weeks!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


2 Responses to Marathon Training Week 1 – DONE

  1. Lisa says:

    I definitely wish you a happy & healthy training cycle this time around. I’m impressed that you’re tackling another 26.2 right away this spring! You are going to do great. šŸ™‚

  2. Brit says:

    Marathoning is addictive, huh? Good luck with this training cycle!

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