Changing Stride: Newton Running vs. Brooks Pure Project

Sorry for the week long hiatus…it’s been crazy busy!  I am happy to report that I managed to get in two quality workouts during my 4 days off…including a nice 7.6 mile run on Thanksgiving morning.

So last week I mentioned that I finally received my Brooks Pure Cadence and I have been enjoying doing some runs in them.  I even used them for my longish run on Thanksgiving morning and I felt great the whole time.  Running in these shoes is definitely helping my ankles get stronger and also reinforcing my change in foot strike.

Call me crazy, but during the NYC Marathon I changed up my stride to more of a forefoot strike for the entire race (for real, who DOES that?!?!) I have always tried to concentrate on this but wind up getting lazy and letting my feet do their thing which I believe led to the knee injury in the first place.  I had discovered that if I ran more on the ball of my foot that it relieved the pressure in my knee and I kind of just went with it for the entire marathon.

Given this new finding (and the fact that I thought I was never going to receive my free Pure Cadence), I decided to order myself a pair of these:


Newton Terra Momentus  Yes I realize that these are marketed as a trail shoe — but I liked the color and got an incredible deal on them through Road Runner Sports so I jumped on it.  Besides, the tread isn’t all that much different from the Distance U trainer.

I received these puppies on Saturday and given that we already had plans (and I was already showered!) I waited until Sunday to test them out.  I will admit that they take some getting used to and the 4.25 miles that I ran in them led my calves to be a bit tight afterwards.  I ran 4 miles in them again the next day and I’m definitely liking how they “force” you to adapt to the forefoot strike; however I feel that the Pure Cadence do the same thing to some extent…with a bit less cushioning than the Newtons.  Hopefully this weekend I can get out for a longer run in the Newtons to get a better feel for how they perform distance wise.   After the 7.6 miles in the Pure Cadence, my feet were definitely sore from the lack of cushion….again all things I need to adapt to.

More of my non-expert opinion to come after a few more runs in each shoe 🙂


3 Responses to Changing Stride: Newton Running vs. Brooks Pure Project

  1. Lisa says:

    Cool shoes, both pairs! It will be fun to see how these work out for you. I definitely agree that more of a fore or mid foot strike seems to keep my legs happier .

  2. Mrs.CJ says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about how the new shoes are working out for you!

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