No need to rush into things, right?

I’m very Type A – I like to complete things and move onto the next while finding ways to constantly improve myself.  I’m learning now that I need to chillax a bit and constantly remind myself that I only just ran my first marathon 10 days ago.  Today at the gym I did a nice 3 miles on the TM at a good pace and then headed over to the stairmill for my usual 15 min interval workout.   That was definitely a not so gentle reminder that I’m  still in recovery mode and after 5 minutes I needed to hit the stop button because I thought I was going to pass out, puke or quite possibly die.  The raging head cold I have is not helping the situation either.

I don’t like not having a plan.  For the past 5 months I’ve carried around a training log in my purse and accurately noted what I did each day.  I had the whole plan laid out and knew exactly what was expected of me.  It’s very strange not having that at the moment and I need to get used to not being in “training mode”.

So when is it appropriate to go into training mode again?  Pick a race and get to work or do the proverbial “listen to my body” and take the next couple of weeks to fully recover before jumping into things?  I guess time will tell and until then

2 Responses to No need to rush into things, right?

  1. Brit says:

    I have no advice here, but I will say that I have been in the same boat. My neurotic self wants a very specific plan with miles, paces, etc. Always.

  2. Lisa says:

    It is hard not having a plan; especially after such a big plan like a marathon has just finished up. I remember feeling a little lost afterwards, and even now I’m still kind of in a rut because I know I won’t tackle a 1/2 until the spring. I know you’ll find something else to set your sights on. In the meantime, definitely take it slow. Glad the shorts are working so well for you!

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