I think it’s time I stopped basking in the post marathon glow and got back down to business.

My plan last week was to take the entire week off from any sort of training and just give my body a chance to recover from the hell I put it through on Sunday (11/6).  Monday and Tuesday I had a hard time walking without waddling!  My hips and quads were super tight and I did my best to stretch and apply heat to loosen things up.  I actually got stuck on the floor during my Tuesday morning stretch and needed the help of my husband to get back up.  Wednesday and Thursday I felt much better and regained the normal use of my leg muscles.  (Read: could walk down the stairs without wincing in pain and could walk at a normal pace instead of looking like I needed a walker for assistance.  Friday through Sunday I felt completely fine except for some residual tightness in my knee joints.

OHHH and that pesky knee pain that drove me to wits end during the 10 weeks leading up to the marathon?  GONE!  I’ve had absolutely no pain or soreness…WTF?  I have a feeling it’s because I ran the marathon in these shorts.  I’m not one for gimmicks and I rarely fall for things that are advertised as such but because I was grabbing at straws and saw this product all over the blogs and twitter, I decided to give them a whirl.  I put a note with my order that I really wanted them before the marathon and I received an email the next day from their CEO telling me that he had a special stock in his office and would mail them right away.  I got them the next day 🙂  These shorts apparently keep everything aligned the way it should be and are used to prevent knee injuries….OMG I was shocked when I had NO PAIN in my knee.  Today I ran 3.25 miles in them on the TM and decided to take a gamble and not wear a brace or tape or anything — um…..NO PAIN AGAIN!  Granted I am taking it slow and I have noticed a change in my stride when I wear the shorts but if they are teaching my muscles to stay the way they should be and I’m not having any pain….then I’ll wear them everyday if I have to!!!!!

One thing I noticed all last week was that I felt very run down.  All of the anxiety leading up the marathon lead me to not sleep so great and whenever I have a lack of sleep it leaves me open to catching a cold, etc.  Couple that with the added stress of running a marathon and I was a prime candidate for getting sick — and that I did.  I have been blowing my nose and coughing up a storm 😦  I’m hoping it passes quickly though because I HATE being sick 😦

That’s all I have to report for now.  I plan to still keep things relatively easy this week and then it’s time to start deciding what my 2012 running schedule is going to be.  Who knows, maybe another marathon will be on the horizon……you’ll just have to wait and see!

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