Marathon Eve

Well here I am…blogging from the hotel lobby!
I can’t believe that tomorrow this time I’ll be running my way thought the five boroughs. Actually, I just looked at the time and hopefully by this point tomorrow I’ll be waddling my way back to the hotel with a medal around my neck.

Last night was Team DetermNation’s pasta party. As we walked into the restaurant, all the coaches and mentors were outside cheering and ringing cowbells….just a slight taste of what is to come tomorrow. So excited.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed the expo, but there were so many people that it was impossible to move through it and appreciate all the vendors. I pretty much got my number, my goodie bag, got my knee taped, bought some body glide and a sparkly soul headband and was OUT. I only took one photo because it was just too congested to even do that.

My parents are on their way in now (today is my dad’s 60th birthday) and we’re going out to dinner to celebrate. Spent a good part of the day just relaxing and I plan to grab a short nap after they are done servicing our room (hence the lobby blogging). Wish I could say I’m feeling great, but honestly I feel like crap. I think it’s lack of sleep and fluids so I am trying my best to stay hydrated today. Also hoping the nap helps but I am so wound up that it’s hard to let my body just chill. I sent my husband out for a case of water and Tylenol.

Gosh this post is all over the place (just like my brain). Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.


One Response to Marathon Eve

  1. Mrs.CJ says:

    Can’t wait to read your race re-cap! You did it! 🙂

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