3 Days – I’m wound tighter than a spring

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? YES.  I’m so incredibly excited and stressed at the same time!  The fact that work has been super nuts these past 48 hours isn’t helping the situation either.  This morning at the gym I saw a commercial for the marathon and nearly burst into tears right on the treadmill.  I am so going to be a blubbering mess this whole weekend.

Weird dreams? nothing race related!  I slept a little better last night and I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning (and by sleeping in I mean until about 7 a.m.)

Today’s workout: an easy 2.5 mile run on the TM followed by lots of stretching and foam rolling.

How’s the knee? Same as it has been.  Getting ready to ice it in a couple minutes 🙂

Random thought(s) of the day: Yesterday I received my Zensah compression socks — I like the CEP ones MUCH better.  I feel like the Zensah ones are just like knee socks.  Oh well….at least they are cute and pink 🙂

I also received my Aspaeris Pivot Shorts and tested them out this morning.  OH.MY.GOD they are fabulous!!!  I will post a full review of them after the marathon — but they phenomenal.  I also have to mention that I placed an order for them on Monday and put a note stating that I really wanted them for the marathon.  The CEO responded to my request and said that their warehouse was delayed because of the snow storm, but he had a supply in his office and sent a pair right away.  how’s that for awesome customer service???

Went to the chiro this morning for my final adjustment before the big day!  He has never seen me so tight and stressed.

Have I mentioned that I am FREAKING OUT?!?!?!?!?!?


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