7 Days – HOLY CANNOLI!!!


Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? um yes and I am now at the point where I get heart palpitations when I think about it.

Weird dreams?  I didn’t sleep well last night because I kept reminding myself that in one week I’d be laying in my hotel room (because you know I WILL NOT be able to sleep) thinking that I will be living a dream in a few short hours.

Today’s workout: I still have an easy six on the menu.  However, it’s very cold and there is black ice out there right now which makes me a bit nervous — I don’t need to be slipping and falling at this stage of the game.  I may try to get it done later on this afternoon if the temps go up enough.

How’s the knee? I’m experiencing a dull ache today.  Definitely apparent when I was laying in bed this morning.  Stupid knee!

Random thought(s) of the day: I started to think about my race day outfit and I’m not happy with any of my “bottom” choices.  Part of me thinks I should just run in the trusty Nike compression capris that have gotten me through my first 15k, 3 half marathons and several training runs without a problem ….. but I kind of want something different.  If I choose to be different, I need to get something today so I can test it out before next Sunday.

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