12 Days

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? YES!!!  It has consumed my mind!  I also got a fun surprise in the mail from Team DetermiNation — a long sleeved tech tee 🙂  That got me all pumped up!

Weird dreams? I did have a couple odd dreams last night.  One was that I was running a race (I don’t think it was the marathon) a night and I was commenting on how amazing I felt and that I could keep going.  Next thing I knew the dream shifted to me telling my husband that I was going to drive my red Vespa scooter to work (yeah, I don’t have a red Vespa LOL)

Today’s workout: A little better than yesterday since I didn’t feel as sluggish.  45 rolling hills workout on AMT (3.9 miles), just a couple strength exercises for my hip abductors followed by stretching and foam rolling.

How’s the knee? Seems to be on the mend again.  Yesterday at the chiro I had some ultrasound done and then she actually adjusted my knee (strange I know but it feels better).  She said that my fibula was misaligned.  Right now I have it taped and I plan to ice it in a little while.

Random thought(s) of the day: I really afraid of coming down with a cold before the marathon.  ‘Tis the season!



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