14 Days

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? YES! After seeing people post pics of all the signage up in NYC and watching the first news story about it this morning, it’s definitely becoming more real.

Weird dreams? I keep having this recurring dream that I got my Brooks Pure Cadence and I love them.  <– had the SAME dream again last night only I was running up and down rolling hills and going super fast.

Today’s workout: nothing! resting the knee

How’s the knee? It’s better than yesterday but still hurting.

Random thought(s) of the day: We are now the proud parents of an eastern box turtle.  Apparently this little guy (who’s only about 2 weeks old) wandered it’s way into our home.  Being the suckers we are, we decided to give him a home until the winter passes and we’ll set him free come springtime.  And yes, we spoke to a turtle rescue and they gave us all the details on how to keep him (or maybe it’s a her) happy and healthy until we release him into the wild.  For now, Larry the turtle is here to stay!

I also still can’t find my camera cord and it’s starting to annoy me!  I have some great pics I wanted to share and no way of getting them onto my computer.

Cannot believe the darn weekend is already over!


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