15 Days (and a race recap)

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? after today’s race….yes and I’m starting to really get nervous/upset/doubtful

Weird dreams? I keep having this recurring dream that I got my Brooks Pure Cadence and I love them.  (I won these shoes through a FB contest and I’m still waiting for them to arrive….starting to have my doubts they’ll actually show up!)

Today’s workout: A little over 7 miles total.

How’s the knee? It’s very painful!

Random thought of the day: none today!  Instead I’ll elaborate on the race I just did.  I was a good blogger and took some pics along the way, but now can’t find the camera cord to save them to my computer!

“Just Us Girls” 5K Race Recap

So today I decided to participate in a local 5k that supports an organization called “Just Us Girls”.  This non-profit supports women with breast cancer in the local area and you can read more about them here.  It was a bit chilly this morning as I did a 4 mile jaunt around the surrounding area and I was feeling pretty good the whole time.  My splits were 9:58, 10:23, 10:36, 10:05. I was trying desperately to stay in the 10:30 range because I know that that’s the happy pace that my knee tends to do okay with.

Once I was done with my initial 4 miles, I made my way over to the starting area which was a bit chaotic and no one was really announcing anything, etc.  At 9:22 I saw some people start to go over to the balloon arch and I thought to myself that it was a little early to be lining up.  Seriously, a minute later the race started….7 minutes early! No national anthem, no “gun”…nothing! I hightailed it over to the road and fell in line with the other runners — there was no chip timing or anything so I didn’t have to cross a start mat.  So not a good way to start my 5K journey!

First mile I felt like I was holding a comfortable pace and my garmin beeps 9:10….oh crap, way too fast!  I knew my knee would rebel soon.  Since the race was around the Sea Girt National Guard Army Camp, there was a mix of terrain which my knee also did not agree with.  Mile 2 started out on the blue stone…”um, okay this sucks”….I tried to shorten my stride and take quick choppy steps but it was all over 😦  Shooting pains driving up the side of my knee….not good.  I decided I wasn’t going to be a hero and push through.  I slowed down to a power walk and pretty much did that the entire rest of the way (over stone, grassy fields, dirt trails).  So yeah, there you have it — a very painful 5K.  Even when I tried to start back up with a light jog, my knee rebelled in disgust.  Now the pain is in a different place and it’s starting to get me REALLY worried and I’m considering seeing an ortho this week.

So there you have it — a supposed fun race that turned into an all out suck fest.

Stressed beyond belief!!!!!

One Response to 15 Days (and a race recap)

  1. Lisa says:

    So sorry to hear this. 😦 Hope you are able to get in to see an ortho (and get good news). Take care!

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