17 Days

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? my head is starting to get in the game…I wish my body would get the memo!

Weird dreams? Nothing race related.  I do recall having a short glimpse of a dream where I had these amazing muscular thighs though….I think I was in a gym or something.

Today’s workout: nothing yet! Since I dropped Omar off at daycare this morning, I can’t go to the gym beforehand and have to rely on working out after work. I’ll be honest that things on the workout front are looking a bit grim today as I have some errands to run before picking up Omar (that’s usually the time I’ll head to the gym) and by the time I get home and get everyone settled — it gets hard to lace up the sneakers and run!  I also meticulously laid out my gear so that I could get up early and run…but I didn’t sleep all that great and wound up just resetting the alarm!

How’s the knee? It’s confusing the ever living whoo-ha out of me!  What started as a pain underneath and behind the knee cap has now morphed into a pain on the outside of the knee and behind the knee.  I can’t quite describe it but last night as I was poking around trying to find the source of the pain, there is a sore spot in a very odd place and I can’t quite figure out if it’s bone or muscle related.

Random thought of the day: I’m kind of cranky and stressed today.

3 Responses to 17 Days

  1. stephanie says:

    Loving the daily countdown posts!

  2. Mrs.CJ says:

    Right around the corner! The taper madness may set in soon!

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