18 Days

Has it set in that I’m actually going to do a marathon? my mind and body are still blissfully unaware!

Weird dreams? If I did, I don’t remember any of them. I crashed the minute my head hit the pillow last night and the next thing I knew it was 5 a.m.

Today’s workout: A pretty decent 60 min. rolling hills workout on the AMT. 5.2 miles total. Followed up by some stretching and foam rolling.

How’s the knee? It’s annoying! Last night on the couch I shifted where I was laying down and my knee didn’t like that move. It’s been achy today (maybe because of the rain?) and I am ready to start my daily icing ritual after I’m done with this post.

Random thought of the day: I really need to start planning my race day outfit (priorities people!)


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