20 Days

OMG the marathon is in 20 days!!!!  Starting to get the irrational marathon dreams — you know the ones that leave you looking for the finish line, being late for the start, not having a bib, etc.

3 Mondays from now, I’ll be home (most likely in pain) and a marathoner – CAN’T WAIT!!!

Facebook and Twitter are littered with , “20 miles done!” “22 miles done!” “taper time”……and I so don’t feel part of the the club 😦  If circumstances were different, I’d have multiple long distance runs under my belt and be sooooooo ready for shorter distances.  The fact of the matter is, I’m itching to get a nice long run in and feel like I’ve actually trained hard for this marathon.   All the swimming and lifting in the world doesn’t compare to the accomplishment of saying, ” I just completed my 20 miler — bring on NYC”.  oh well…..there’s always the next one, right?

Here’s how the training shaped up last week:

  • Sunday – Staten Island Half (13.1 miles) 2:24:21 – slow and easy
  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – 12oom swim and LB strength/stretching
  • Wednesday – 4.5 miles (TM) followed by 15 min of intervals on stair mill and stretching
  • Thursday – 1300m swim and LB strength/stretching
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday – OFF (didn’t want to take off, but just not enough time in the day to get a workout in 😦 )

With such little time to go…I’m just going to keep up with the swimming and shorter runs until the big day.  I MAY try for a double digit run this weekend (just for time on my feet, etc) but we’ll see how that goes.  The last thing I need is to push my knee to it’s limit so close to the marathon with not enough time for it to sort itself out again.

Hmmmmm….maybe I’ll start an official countdown to lift my spirits.  Stay tuned!


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