NYC Marathon Training: I lost count of weeks!

I think at this point, it’s time to start the FINAL COUNTDOWN of weeks left to the BIG DAY!!  AAGGGHHGHHHH!!!!  Kinda freaking out about this.

So last week my knee treated me kind of well.  I got in some solid workouts which even included 20.3 miles of running!  I made sure to stay diligent and ice my knee multiple times throughout the day after running in the morning.  I have this funky knee brace which seems to be doing the trick:

Is my knee 100% fine?  heck no!  Is it tolerable? yes

I’ll take what I can get these days.

Two days ago I even ran a half marathon and I feel pretty decent.  My knee was achy and I was walking quite slow the hours following the torture race, but after some rest and ice I’m doing alright 🙂  More to come in a post dedicated to the race itself.

Here’s how the training shaped up:

  • Sunday – 8 miles outside, slow and steady
  • Monday – 1200m swim, 15 min stairmill workout, LB strength training
  • Tuesday – 7 miles (TM), slow and steady
  • Wednesday – 1 mile swim (45 min)
  • Thursday – 5.3 miles (TM, slow and steady
  • Friday – 30 min walk (TM), LB strength training
  • Saturday – OFF – however I did some major house cleaning and yard work and it felt like a hard workout!

Still remaining cautiously optimistic that I can actually do this marathon!

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