NYC Marathon Training – UPDATE

So last week, I pretty much had to trade these:

For this:

Because my knee has looked like this:


Compared to my regularly scheduled training, last week’s workouts seemed non-existent!  I went to the gym 3 times and got in two really good pool workouts that left me feeling “worked” even though I wasn’t running.  The pool has also been a really nice change of pace and I have to admit that I kind of enjoy it 🙂

My knee is feeling MUCH better and I may sneak out for an easy 4-5 miles this afternoon before I head to the chiro (ssshhhh don’t tell them!)  I figure if I’m crooked after my run at least they’ll crack me back into place 🙂  Hurricane Irene decided to knock out Internet service at our office so I’m happily working from home today — which gives me the opportunity to head out for a nice run in GORGEOUS weather 🙂  I’m nervous to run but I need to get my head back into the training game (even if running is still limited).  I fear that if I’m too complacent, that I’m going to lose sight of my goal and NYC will be an epic FAIL.

If I have to keep up with the pool workouts, I’ll just have to accept it and do my best to stay in shape.  Besides, Arthur agrees that pool workouts are fun:

Omar, on the other hand, suggests I rest and keep weight off my knee:

(yes, this is how he sits)

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t fall off the training wagon! I love running, but if I’m out of the game for too long, it’s REALLY hard for me to get back into it!

2 Responses to NYC Marathon Training – UPDATE

  1. longrunner says:

    Your running shoes are HOT! 🙂 I wish mine looked that good!

    I hope your knee is feeling better. I did 8 miles this morning, and it was pretty tough toward the end. Sigh. I’m supposed to do 16 this weekend, but we’ll see how THAT goes…

  2. Lisa says:

    Your dogs are oh, so adorable!! Hope you continue to heal up. November is only 2 months away. 😀

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