NYC Marathon Training Week 11: Complete

Another week down and now a set back 😦  On Saturday I completed my longest distance to date: 16 miles (well 16.56 miles to be exact!) and I was feeling GREAT until about mile #11 where things kind of went downhill.  It’s really my fault, I knew that my right hip was “out” and I should’ve gotten adjusted this past week…..but I didn’t.  And now… left knee is all swollen and painful 😦  I really hope I didn’t really mess it up!  I was obviously compensating for something and now I’m probably going to have to lose a couple days of training while all this gets sorted out — major bummer!

My plan was to do my long run on the boardwalk.  I chose this option because #1) there are plenty of other runners out at the ungodly hour, #2) there are plenty of bathrooms, #3) there are plenty of places to refill my water bottle.  I really wanted to get there for sunrise but I realized that I forgot my Garmin about 10 minutes into my drive and had to turn around!  Once I got going on the boards, the energy of all the other runners/walkers/bikers was contagious and I was feeling fantastic.  There was a cool breeze off of the ocean and low humidity so it was perfect running weather for late August.  I had a quick bathroom stop at mile 3.5 and then had to slow down after mile 6 to open my HammerGel — it seriously took like 2 minutes and all of my strength to get it open — I think I tried to open it a little lower than where you’re supposed to and that was a huge mistake!  Oh well….lesson learned.  After my gel, I was feeling strong and just cruising down the boardwalk through all the towns.  There was a 5k race getting organized in one of the towns so I’m glad I was able to get to my turn around point and back through the mass of runners before gun time.  Then around mile 11 my left knee started to tighten on me 😦  I slowed to a walk and tried to bend and shake it out but it just didn’t seem to want to go away.  I ran another two miles and then it really started to bother me even more so at mile 13 I decided to walk for about a 1/4 mile to see if the pain would subside — it didn’t 😦  I was still 3.5 miles away from my car so it’s not like I could’ve just stopped where I was.  I decided to just do a jog/walk strategy for the rest of the way and that worked until mile 15….at mile 16 I was slowed to a walk and pretty much walked the rest of the way to my car.  I’m disappointed that my knee decided to give up on me; especially since everything else felt FANTASTIC.  I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday resting and icing my knee.  Today (Monday) it’s feeling better but I still get a twinge of pain every now and then; I plan on icing it more today.

I’m super bummed that this “injury” has me sidelined for pretty much the whole week (I can guarantee that!) and I keep trying to tell myself that I need to let whatever is bothering me heal so that I can be healthy for November 6th.   Even if I take this entire week off – I still have 10 weeks before the big day so it’s not going to totally kill my training.  It’s just really disappointing 😦  I have an appt. with a sports chiro tomorrow morning at 10 to straighten me back out!  I think for the remainder of my training I’ll have to see him 1 or 2 times a week to make sure that nothing like what I experienced on Saturday happens again.

Here’s what my training looked like for last week:

  • Sunday – REST
  • Monday – 2 miles elliptical and stretching (just wasn’t feeling right)
  • Tuesday – 5.37 miles (AMT Hill workout – 60 min.)
  • Wednesday – 5.5 miles outside (first 2 with Arthur, last 3.5 hauling ass as fast as I could go)
  • Thursday – 3.5 miles elliptical (this was less than 12 hours after my hard workout)
  • Friday – 5.3 miles AMT (rolling hills workout – 60 min.)
  • Saturday – 16 miles outside (gnarly knee pain at mile 13)

As I look back at this week I could really kick myself because I knew something was off — I only ran 1 time and used the AMT or elliptical all the other workouts.  I just hope my stupidity doesn’t have me sidelined for longer than a week!

2 Responses to NYC Marathon Training Week 11: Complete

  1. Lisa says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I had knee problems near the end of training that freaked me out, but rest was really the magic that got me back to normal. Just try not to worry too much about taking a few extra rest days if needed, they really should help.

    Random note, but I also started osteo-biflex supplements. They really seemed to help, (even if it was only placebo.) Good luck at the doc!

  2. Brit says:

    Oh no! I hope your knee is feeling better soon. I wouldn’t worry about a few extra days off. It is likely that you’ll come back feeling refreshed and super excited to get in some good runs!

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