NYC Marathon Training Week #10: Complete!

I can’t believe I’ve got another week down in the books…it went so fast!!!!  I’m pleased with how my legs held up after the long run last week.  I thought for sure they’d be kind of “dead” afterwards and my weekday workouts would suffer, but overall I felt pretty good.

Our training this month will focus on lots of hills! Since I don’t live in a particularly hilly area, I’m going to make sure I incorporate two workouts on the AMT each week from now on.  The hill workout on that machine is pretty hardcore and will try to find hillier areas for my long run on the weekends as well.  This may involve driving somewhere to run, but that’s okay as long as I’m getting a decent workout in.  I don’t want to make the mistake of running all the distances on flat terrain and then have it come back to haunt me during the marathon!

My long run yesterday was supposed to be 13 miles but after 11.5 my legs were starting to get stiff.  Instead of gutting it out and finishing up, I decided to cut it short.  It’s not worth being super sore for my workouts this week for a measly 1.5 miles! I noticed that I needed my gel earlier in the run yesterday (at mile 5) and I kind of wished I brought along a second gel to have around mile 10.  I think I may have been able to finish the entire 13 with the extra energy boost.  The fatigue I was feeling in my legs was definitely because of “lack of nutrition/hydration”.  I knew I didn’t drink enough on Friday and that became clear during my run.  I drank my entire water bottle by the end of mile 7 but thankfully I was on a path that has water stops (I made sure to include this portion in my run because of them) so I was able to refill my bottle and have plenty of water for the trek home.  As these runs get longer — I have a 16 miler planned for next weekend — I’m going to have to start toting my iPod along to break up the loneliness!  I was definitely getting “bored” towards the end of my run yesterday as well.  I know that it’s building up my “mental endurance”…but I don’t want to get bored running by myself with no entertainment of any kind each weekend.  My best friend is training for the Nike Women’s Marathon this year so maybe we can even coordinate a long run or two together.

Here’s what the training looked like this week:

  • Sunday — OFF
  • Monday — 5.37 miles AMT hill workout (60 min)
  • Tuesday — 4.10 miles TM hill workout
  • Wednesday — 4.1 miles outside
  • Thursday — 4 miles AMT hill workout (45 min), 1.25 miles TM Sprints
  • Friday — 3 miles outside (with Arthur)
  • Saturday — 11.5 miles outside (included some hills)
  • WEEKLY TOTAL: 33.32 miles

And just because I haven’t included some pics in a while, here are a few  to keep you entertained….

This is the first picture of Arthur we ever took 🙂 First day home from shelter.

Many moons ago when I used to complete in TaeKwonDo tournaments.

How about a wedding pic!

Right after the ceremony 🙂

And one more of Arthur for good measure!

Off to go enjoy my rest day!!!  Have a great Sunday everyone 🙂


One Response to NYC Marathon Training Week #10: Complete!

  1. Lisa says:

    Arthur is adorable. 🙂 You guys look great in your wedding pic too. Your training is goIng great. November and the marathon will be here before you know it!

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