NYC Marathon Training Week #8: Complete!

I can’t believe I’ve completed 8 weeks of training already….I also can’t believe that the marathon is merely 3 months away.  SCARY – but exciting 🙂

I felt good this week which I’m happy about because last week certainly wasn’t anything to rave about.  Not completing my long run really left me feeling discouraged and I made it a point to push hard this week to “make up for it”. I’m experiencing some weird soreness/pain in my right foot that seems to linger after long runs and I’m trying to figure out exactly what could be causing it.  Seems like some tightness in the arch that I try to massage out after a run and I’ve been throwing some ice on it too.

This month I started to incorporate more core work into my routine.  I REALLY need to start dedicating more time to upper body work as well.  I’m super proud because at the beginning of the month I could hold a plank (on elbows with feet together) for 30 seconds…and that was a struggle.  I also must admit that I was a “one and done” girl and couldn’t do it again after that initial 30 seconds.  Now I’m up to well over a minute for each plank and I can do at least 3 before I burn out 🙂  For the month of August I am going to commit to more core work and at least 3 days/week of some upper body work as well.

My long run yesterday was a little more about quantity than quality.  After the first 5 miles I needed to head home because of tummy troubles.  After a quick br stop, I decided to let Arthur accompany me for the next 4.25 miles since he was waiting by the door! He held up pretty well but we definitely had to pause for sniff and BR breaks for him.  I then dropped him off back home and continued that last 2.75 miles by myself.  I forced myself to get up with the sun and just head out the door immediately….this was a smart decision because by 8 am the sun was already really strong and I knew it would’ve been a repeat of last week had I not got up and got my run in before then.

Here’s what my week of training looked like:

  • Sunday – OFF
  • Monday – 4.5 miles TM
  • Tuesday – 5.2 miles TM (Fartlek workout)
  • Wednesday – 4.25 miles outside
  • Thursday – 4.5 miles TM (speed intervals) and 10 min on stair mill
  • Friday – 4.75 miles AMT and 1.25 miles TM
  • Saturday – 12 miles outside
  • WEEKLY TOTAL: 36.45
  • JULY TOTAL: 125.3

Today is a rest day — I may try to swim a few laps in my IL’s pool 🙂

Looking forward to completing my next month of training!


2 Responses to NYC Marathon Training Week #8: Complete!

  1. Brit says:

    Great job on your long run! Really cool that Arthur can run with you. I don’t think Duke would make it more than a block or so. He’s not much of a runner.

    • Dana says:

      Don’t worry — Omar is in the “lazy dog runner” category too! I tried to just do an easy 1/2 mile around the neighborhood with him and he wanted to stop every 10 feet to sniff something. He’s more of a short sprint runner and then he’s done for the day 🙂

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