NYC Marathon Training Week 3: Complete

Coming off of last weekend when there was no running taking place,  I think I redeemed myself quite nicely.

Here’s what the week shaped up to looked like:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 5.25 miles of hill intervals on TM
  • Wednesday – 4 miles (outside in new shoes!)
  • Thursday – 5.2 miles of speed intervals on TM
  • Friday – 4.54 miles on AMT (cross training day)
  • Saturday – 8.02 miles (outside – fairly hot and SLOW)
  • TOTAL miles for the week: 27 — I’ll take it 🙂

Yesterday’s long run was pretty slow 😦  But again, I’m going with what the training says and keeping it at a comfortable, easy pace.  The hard days are Tuesdays/Thursdays with hills and speed training so I’m okay with going slower on the long run days.  Plus, I’m not waking up with really stiff legs the day after my long runs, which I’m pretty happy about! I made the mistake of not bringing water along yesterday and that proved to be a bad idea.  In my defense it was pretty overcast and breezy when I started but then the sun broke out and it got hot…FAST.  I was super thirsty when I got home and made sure to drink an electrolyte drink (On the Go) and lots of water to avoid cramping.

Feeling good today and the new shoes are working out well.  Getting ready to go out for my 4 mile “recovery run” in a little while before the sun gets too strong.  Maybe in another 20 minutes (I need to wake up a little more).

With that I leave you with some pics:

me1Rocking the new training shirt from Team DetermiNation 🙂

stuArthur wanted to come along – I told him no!

sweaty mess8 miles complete = sweaty mess!  Don’t you love the T-rex dog toy in the background?

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!


One Response to NYC Marathon Training Week 3: Complete

  1. Lisa says:

    Woo Hoo- great week Dana!

    P. S. Arthur is a cutie. 🙂

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