NHRA, Pool, and Jersey Pride

I will shamefully admit that on Saturday (the official kick off of marathon training season) I didn’t run!!  It was such a busy weekend and I was so wiped that I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot.

On Friday afternoon, we were invited to go “VIP style” to the NHRA drag races held at Raceway Park (Old Bridge, NJ).  It’s comical because the hub’s parents only live about 4 miles from the track and all summer long we hear the races going on….but never went.  Free tickets along with pit access and hospitality tent access?  yes please!  I didn’t realize how FREAKING LOUD the funny cars and top fuel dragsters would be.  I had to cover my ears even though I had ear plugs in and since we were right at the start line you could even feel the sound in your chest.  It was quite an experience and I would totally go again!  I also didn’t expect to come home covered in tire grit … I guess that’s the price you pay for amazing seats!  I took a couple pics but they are on my phone and for some reason I can’t pull them off today.  Note to self: pick up new camera battery charger!

Saturday chores were in order for the morning and then we decided to take the dogs up to my in-laws house to enjoy the backyard and pool.  Too bad it was a bit cool and the pool water was COLD…Omar enjoyed a few dips in the water but Arthur wasn’t having it!  He likes to wait until it’s 90 degrees outside and then the pool seems refreshing.  He also prefers floating on a tube 🙂










Sunday consisted of us supporting the GPBN at the annual Jersey Pride Parade in Asbury Park.  And no, you don’t have to live the GLBT lifestyle to march or be a part of the business group, it’s all about acceptance and  support.  My husband is an active member and last year was our first year marching (we even brought the dogs!) Thankfully this year it wasn’t brutally hot and the dogs attracted a ton of attention 🙂  I was going to run in the morning before we headed out but I just couldn’t get my butt in gear!  I can at least say that we walked about 3 miles that day so it’s something, right?

This pic was from last year … Omar is so small there (he was only 7 mos. old) And we custom made the dogs’ costumes 🙂

Even though I “slacked” on Saturday and Sunday with the training, I definitely made up for it on Friday and Monday when they were  supposed to be a rest days!  I also am LOVING the personalized training … and it’s only just begun.  Today I was thinking about how lucky I am to be a part of Team DetermiNation because the training I’m going to receive for my first marathon is AWESOME!  I also love the fact that our coaches have run the marathon several times (and our head coach has done like super ultra 100 mile races) and they can cater our training to the NYC marathon vs. any marathon.  I still wish I could do the workouts in NYC but having them emailed to me is fine too…the hill workout on the TM this morning kicked my butt and it wasn’t something that I would’ve thought of on my own.  Hooray for fun new things!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

One Response to NHRA, Pool, and Jersey Pride

  1. Mrs.CJ says:

    Love the doggie pic! My husband and I are also supporters. Looks like the parade was a good time!

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