Today is the official kick-off of the fall marathon season with Team DetermiNation!!!  My inbox will now be flooded with training emails on a weekly basis – which I’m totally fine with 🙂  I already printed out my June training schedule and I’m secretly wishing I lived in NYC so I could do some training runs with the team there.  I’ll just have to settle for some training with my local running club instead.  I am thankful, however, that the Sunday long runs are in an extremely hilly area — which will provide some awesome training for NYC!!!  I just have to decide when I will join the Sunday group because it’s about a 20 min. drive to get to the meeting place.  The hubs is also going to have to get used to me being up and out early on Sundays to get my runs in (which I’m sure he’ll be fine with).  The only stinky part is that he’s usually working on Saturdays so it would’ve been better to get my long runs done while he’s working — maybe I could do every other week with the running club instead…hmmmmmm.

The blogs have been blowing up over this stuff lately.  I tried it for the first time this morning and I’m a total convert!  I will definitely be purchasing a canister of the vanilla latte flavor 🙂  YUM-O!!!  The only thing that I’m a little annoyed with is the shaker cup I ordered – it’s not very good quality for $7.95 and it came with a HUGE crack in it!  I emailed the company but am still waiting on a response.  I sure hope they make good on it.  I also don’t get why they sent it in a paddle envelope — it was sure to get crushed by a huge pile of mail sitting on top of it!

Here’s what the training is looking like this week:

Sunday – 7 miles

Monday – off

Tuesday –  3 miles (was hoping for 5 but my stomach was not cooperating and I had to head home)

Wednesday – 3.1 miles on the TM and 20 min. on the eliptical

Thursday – 45 min on AMT (hoping this machine is free tomorrow – it’s a trial piece at the gym)

Friday – strength circuit and maybe some yoga??  we’ll see

Saturday – First official day of marathon training – run 50 min. at a comfortable pace 🙂

That’s all folks!  Happy Hump Day!

One Response to Kick-Off!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy training Dana! So exciting that your training has officially started.

    I don’t blame you for wishing you could do some group training runs in NYC. Central park running? Yes please! 🙂

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