Don’t be afraid to be sprayed :)

I knew I had set out way too late for my run this a.m. (8:45 to be exact).  The weather was already pretty hot and the sun was blazing! I figured I’d go with the goal of doing at least 5 miles and see how I felt from there. I will also point out that I’m getting progressively slower and it’s really starting to peeve me!

Anyway… I happily jogged along my usual route while making sure to sip my ice water after every mile or so (I started increasing my fluid intake after about the 3rd mile — it was getting HOT).  At about mile 4.5 it was really toasty outside and I felt myself burning up.  So what’s a runner to do?  Well….you happily ask the man watering his lawn to squirt you with the hose 🙂  It went something like this:

  • ME: “can you do me a HUGE favor?”
  • Guy: “Sure, what’s up?”
  • ME: “can you spray me with your hose?”
  • Guy: “are you sure??”
  • ME: “YES!!!!”
  • ::Insert a happy Dana getting sprayed::
  • ME: “THANK YOU!!!!!”

I’m sure the man thought I was nuts but damn that felt good!!!  I also asked another woman who was washing her car to spray me a mile later and then ran through someone’s sprinklers as well.  I didn’t care … it was hot and it felt great!!!  At mile 6.5 I stopped home because I had ran out of water and I was hot again – I ran inside, drank some water, wet a towel and zipped back out the door for the .66 miles around my development (I just wasn’t happy with 6.5!)  I was actually feeling pretty decent (aside from the heat) and if it wasn’t so steamy out, I would’ve definitely complete a couple more miles.

Note to self: set alarm clock even though you don’t want to on weekends when you plan on completing a long run in the summer.


2 Responses to Don’t be afraid to be sprayed :)

  1. Courtenay says:

    I don’t think I’d have the guts to ask someone to spray me. 🙂 Good for you, though!

    Why do you think you’re getting slower??? 😦 Are you tight anywhere?

  2. longrunner says:

    This is so true! I have had a crazy-busy week, so I could only bring myself to set my alarm for 8 this morning, and even that wasn’t really early enough! I ran through some sprinklers at the very end of my 8 miles, too 🙂

    Happy marathon training! (I am training for one on October 30th :))

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