It’s the eve of “Cocktails for a Cure”


I’m beginning to count my lucky stars that I wanted to get my “big” fundraiser out of the way before the hardcore marathon training commences.  I have worked out one time (this morning) since last Thursday!  If it’s not horrible weather tomorrow morning, I am going to sneak out for a run before I head out to work…because once I leave this house, I’m not coming back until I’ve raised a BOATLOAD of money for the American Cancer Society.

25 gift auction items neatly wrapped and labled – check!

100 goodie bags with all kinds of swag – check!

two SUPER SPECIAL raffle items – check!

Email Bethenny Frankel countless times to see if she’ll come – check!

Get the word out as much as possible – check!

This has been so much fun already and the event hasn’t even begun 🙂  I did get word back from SkinnyGirl cocktails and we were all set up to have a representative do samplings … however, my event venue felt that it would “take away” from the cash bar. Bummer!  I don’t think they realized the draw that SkinnyGirl brand has been getting lately.  I emailed the rep. and apologized profusely that we couldn’t do the samplings – however I still asked for the 6 bottles of SkinnyGirl margarita that she was going to send over.  She hasn’t responded so who knows if they’ll be waiting for me or not.  Guess I’ll find out sometime tomorrow.

I’ve already got about 50 people coming and I’m hoping to break 100!!! I promise to take lots and lots and lots of pictures and will report back ASAP if Bethenny shows up!!!!!

Wish me luck!


2 Responses to It’s the eve of “Cocktails for a Cure”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hope it goes great Dana!!! You’ve done so much work I just know it will be a success. Hope you’re able to get in a runin the morning too. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. 🙂

    • Dana says:

      Thanks Lisa!!
      No run this morning but I’ll be spending this afternoon “running” around getting everything together — that counts, right?

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