Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  Back in my college days, this was big celebration complete with Coronas and nachos.  Maybe I’ll drag my husband out for authentic Mexican food tonight 🙂

Cinco – the amount of miles I ran this morning.

I’ve decided that I need to have something on my schedule to keep me motivated this month.  Official marathon training doesn’t start for another 5ish weeks and I just can’t be in limbo until then.  Even though I said I wanted to take it easy – I just can’t!  So, I’ve tentatively put a June 5th half marathon on my schedule.  I haven’t registered or anything, but I want a goal to work towards for this month.  So off to runnersworld.com I went and designed a training program for this month.  Today’s workout was 5 miles (1 warm-up, 3 at 9:41, 1 cool down).  I actually took about 2 min. to mess with the TM settings and actually found that I could make a whole program that adjusts itself instead of “guessing” the pace myself.  SCORE!  So, being the over acheiver – I decided to do my workout a little faster than planned:

Warm-up (1 mile @ 9:20), 3 miles (1.5 @ 9:08, 1.5 @ 8:57), Cool down (1 mile @ 9:30)

I will admit — by the end of the “speed session” I was feeling a little tired, but I said to myself, “Dana, this is the point in the race where you either give it all you got or ‘give up’ and start walking”.  I’ve got to teach myself that being a little uncomfortable is going to break me out of my “comfort zone” of running.  Upon reaching the cool down mile, I did walk the first 30 secs. just to cool off a bit (it was hot in the gym) but then got right back to running.  The workout felt GREAT!

My allergies also have been horrible and they make me feel like poo 😦  Not so much the sneezing/congestion – but the overall sluggish feeling is what really gets me down.  It’s been a struggle to peel myself out of bed in the morning and I’m anxiously waiting for the pollen to subside!

Here’s what training has shaped up to be this week:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 4.25 miles on TM, stretching
  • Wednesday – skipped workout (just felt “blah”)
  • Thursday – 5 mile tempo run, stretching
  • Friday – 2 miles easy (9:40 pace), strength circuit
  • Saturday – 8 miles (going to shoot for <9:30 pace)
  • Sunday – would like to do strength but not sure since it’ll be a day of running around for Mom’s Day

Have a great day everyone!!!!


One Response to Ole!

  1. Brit says:

    Great workout this morning! I totally understand what you are saying about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I haven’t been running in a few weeks now, but I have noticed that I am much better with that concept on the bike. Running seems to play more mental games with me since I have a mindset that certain paces will hurt and that certain ones should feel easy. On the bike I still have no idea how I should be feeling so I can usually just go with it and push through.

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