New Jersey Marathon/Long Branch Half

So you all know that I’m part of this:

But today, I was this:

Working the fluid station at mile 11.5 of the half and 24.7 of the full:


Sorry for the tiny pics!  We can’t find the charger to the camera and I had to use my cell phone to take the pics.

As you can see there were no clouds in the sky and I have the sunburn to prove it!!!  Being a volunteer at a race (especially a marathon) is definitely a humbling experience! When racing, I always make sure to thank the volunteers  (it certainly felt good to hear “thank you” today) but I guess I never really thought about what goes into making that fluid station the best it could possibly be.  I was there bright and early this morning setting up cups, pouring water, making sure trash cans were precisely placed; and before long – it was a straight 5 .5 hours of solid cheering, clapping and handing out water!  Needless to say, I’m EXHAUSTED!!!

I made sure I yelled as loud as I possibly could and tried to be so enthusiastic for these runners.  I felt we were at a crucial spot (last fluid station on the course) so these runners really needed the extra push/excitement.  I know if I were running that race — their cheering would have made me feel better too!  I also looked at my time as paying it forward (just a little early) because there are going to be TONS of volunteers out on the course at NYC and if they can put some time aside to cheer me on….well, I’m going to do the same!

I really can’t comment on the race itself because I only went directly to the ACS water station.  We had lots of volunteers and everyone was super nice 🙂  I even got to meet some of the coaches that will be on the course in November so that was really cool too.  The only things I noticed were the bibs had the racers’ names on them so we were able to cheer them on individually and the finishers medals were NICE!   I’ll admit, I was a little jealous!  It’s definitely a race I’ll consider running next year for sure 🙂

On another note, amidst my cheering, I was yelling, “good job, almost there!” and one of the other volunteers “scolded” me for saying that!  He’s like, “they hate hearing that!”….to which I retorted, “we’re at mile 11.5 ….they really are almost there and I don’t mind when people say that when I’m at the end of my race” … I could see if we were at mile 5 and I was saying that (which by the way I never would at mile 5) but I felt we were at a perfectly acceptable place on the course to shout that.  Am I wrong?

How do you all feel about the term “almost there” in a race?

One Response to New Jersey Marathon/Long Branch Half

  1. Courtenay says:

    If you’d yelled that to me anywhere before mile 8, I probably wouldn’t have liked it. 11.5? For a half? Um…yeah. Totally acceptable!

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