Get fast?? RUN FASTER!!!

Okay okay…I always knew this concept but never (consistently) applied it to my workouts.  Running is HARD, it’s not supposed to be some cakewalk miles that you bang out before work in the morning.

I’ve come to the realization that while running is still tough for me, I need to make it tougher! Sure I can slog away the miles before work in the morning, feel good and go about my day without “jelly legs”; only to wake up the next day ready to tackle some more miles.  And this process is great….if I want to stay where I’m at as far as pace goes.  Maybe over time I’d get more efficient and eventually shave off some seconds, but let’s be real here, I WANT to get better at running sooner rather than later. Time to start challenging myself!

With this thought in mind, I went to the gym this afternoon knowing that the only way to improve my running was to train faster.  SO.I.DID.  Instead of bouncing along at a comfortable 6.3 speed…I did a mile warm up at that speed and then bumped it up to 7.0….and then 7.5……and heck , even some 8.0 for a couple minutes here and there.  But I never let it go below 7.0 for 3 miles.  And you know what?  I didn’t die.  I didn’t feel like I was going to fall off the treadmill.  Sure, the pad thai sloshing around my stomach wasn’t the greatest feeling, but I felt accomplished after pushing myself like that.  And then (it gets better)…I LIFTED for about an hour afterward with my husband.  All in all, a GREAT workout and just the push I needed to get on track with improving my pace.

I CAN do this!

2 Responses to Get fast?? RUN FASTER!!!

  1. Courtenay says:

    I like the new blog look! 🙂

    I’m at this point too. Once I can get a couple weeks back under my belt, I’ve got to kick the speed training into high gear. I’m nervous, but it has to be done. Great job! Just reading your recap on speed wore me out!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great job Dana! I totally agree with you on this. It really does feel great to push yourself hard on the treadmill and realize you CAN hold sub- 8:00 pace if you just force yourself too.

    Granted I’m laying off intense speedwork until my knee feels normal (and probably until after the
    marathon) but I will be back at it to get ready for some 5K races this summer. 🙂

    Way to go!!

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