A Mix of Emotions

Awww yeah it’s Friday!  In another hour I’ll be heading home to meet up with my husband and then it’s off to Asbury Park to go pick up my race packet 🙂  I can’t believe in less than 24 hours I’ll be running my 2nd Half Marathon!  I’m also excited because this will be a race where my husband will be there (in a different capacity other than spectator).  He decided to purchase a table at the Expo so he’ll be promoting his business while I’m slogging away the miles….score!

I’m getting a wee bit nervous because I work less than a 1/2 mile from the beach and right near the turn around spot….and it’s WINDY and COLD out there 😦  And if the wind is this yucky near my office, I know it’s a million times worse on the boardwalk.  The only thing I’m thankful for is that the wind (provided the forecast doesn’t change) will be head on for the first 6 miles and then at my back for the remaining miles.  I’d MUCH rather have the wind at my back in the second half of this challenge.  I also can’t say what I feel about this race tomorrow.  Back in October, when I signed up for this race (I sat in front of my computer, shaking and contemplating whether or not I should hit the “register” button) this was going to be my FIRST half marathon.  I stated my training plan and focused on 4/16/11 as D-day.  Then I did my first on 3/6/11 instead….more for experience and a time to beat than anything else….but now I’m kinda like “meh” about this race when I really should be excited.  I know once I get my packet I’ll get more into it, but I just don’t want another repeat performance of tight legs and shitty mile splits.

And then there’s the whole Boston Marathon thing….I am so excited for my “Internet Friends” who are participating.  It’s an amazing accomplishment to even qualify and just an awesome experience all around.  I’m a little…..jealous? A few months ago, if you asked me about the Boston Marathon, I’d have no idea what all the hype was about.  But the more I get into this whole distance running thing, the more I kinda want to try to qualify some day (most likely years from now).  Granted I’m not running my first marathon until November and I may wind up hating it, but part of me kind of wants to take a shot at training my body to accomplish running 26.2 miles in less than 3.5 hours.  Is that completely nuts?

Then I think about the flipside … I used to be pretty hardcore (if my husband reads this he’d probably laugh). But when I was doing martial arts, I was in pretty darn good shape.  We were working out for 2.5 hours a night, complete sweaty messes and strong as hell.  I KNOW I have it in me and with the right commitment and training, I think I can really do it.  Heck, if I can endure a 3 hour black belt test where I mentally and physically got the crap knocked out of me, laid on a bed of nails (no shirt, just a sports bra) and had cinder blocks on my chest that were broken with a sledge hammer — surely I can BQ!!


2 Responses to A Mix of Emotions

  1. Lisa says:

    Good luck this weekend Dana! I’m also bummed that the forecast is nasty for my race tomorrow, but hopefully you’ll still get in a good run in spite of what the weather does.

    I didn’t realize what was all involved with being a black belt, but that all sounds pretty intense. If you can survive that, you can BQ! I agree with you about wanting to do Boston someday. I know it’s probably a long way out there, but if I can finish this first marathon and then keep on running strong and steady, I believe I should be able to make it someday. 🙂

  2. Courtenay says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you as I run my little 5k and try not to get heat stroke! My warmest race was last weekend at 43 degrees! Running in 80 tomorrow. Hope your wind isn’t an issue. Let me know how it goes!!

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