I think I’ve decided that music slows me down.  I didn’t run with an iPod yesterday and felt GREAT!  As you can see below — lap 4 was when I had to wait to cross the street; other than that, I feel I held a pretty consistent pace.  And look at me rocking out the last two miles at 9:04 🙂
Avg Pace
Summary 01:34:06 10.01 09:24
1 00:09:08 1.00 09:08
2 00:09:23 1.00 09:23
3 00:09:25 1.00 09:25
4 00:10:19 1.00 10:19
5 00:09:22 1.00 09:22
6 00:09:25 1.00 09:25
7 00:09:20 1.00 09:20
8 00:09:24 1.00 09:24
9 00:09:04 1.00 09:04
10 00:09:04 1.00 09:04
11 00:00:06 0.01 10:37

2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Courtenay says:

    Great job, friend! Glad my little post could inspire you! I have NEVER been so dang happy in all my life.

    Was yesterday your first run without music? Honestly I’ll never go back to running with my MP3 player again unless it’s treadmill work. I run so much more efficiently without music. Not sure why that is. I guess it’s because I don’t have a beat dictating my pace?

    Are you excited for your next half? I’m running a 5K down in FL this Saturday! I’ll be thinking of you! Perhaps we’ll be running at the same time!

    • Dana says:

      I used to run without music and I even raced without music too. I guess the winter TM running coupled with the longer distances just got me “used to” running with an iPod again. Yesterday I left the house and was like, “Oh I forgot my music” and I really didn’t even miss it. I forgot how nice it is to just be quiet 🙂

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