On another planet….

I swear that’s what it has been feeling like the past two weeks! I feel so out of touch with EVERYTHING besides work.  To say that life has been crazy would be an under statement; life is insanely out of control would be more like it.

Two weekends ago I had a wonderful long run on the boardwalk (the site of my next half marathon that is in 10 FREAKING DAYS).  I even took pictures and basked in the glory of what a fabulous day (even though cold) it was and how good I was feeling.  And then….mayhem hit last week.  Between my computer crashing at work, training a new employee and having Omar neutered — it’s been completely NUTS (no pun intended).

I really did try to make my blog more interesting with pics from that lovely run but just haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write a post about it.  So now you get a jumbled mess of topics that have happened over the last two weeks to bore you with instead.

And now for an update on my dog’s balls … or, um, lack there of.  His surgery went great, he’s happy and doesn’t seem to be bothered at all with the incision…..or so I thought!  Over the weekend we noticed that Omar decided to “surgically remove” his stitches himself.  Now I’m sorry, I don’t like putting a cone on my dog’s head.  Call me crazy, but we live in a small house and a great dane with a huge cone (probably the size of most DirectTV satellite dishes) walking around just wouldn’t be fair — to him, to us or to Arthur (it’s bad enough he gets whipped in face by Omar’s tail on a daily basis).  So we said, “oh no worries, he won’t bother his stitches”…..WRONG!  So now we’ve been dealing with keeping the incision clean and together using adhesive butterfly stitches (because that is just so much fun).  On top of that — the Vet suggested rubbing the area with Vick’s VapoRub because they don’t like the smell and won’t lick the incision.  So….not only do I have to handle my dogs “junk” at least twice a day to keep the stitches on and the wound clean, I have to rub VapoRub all around the general area of his manly parts …. FABULOUS!  Now if that ain’t love for my dog, I don’t know what is.

On the training front — I have been getting a little better about incorporating some other “stuff” into my running/stretching routine.  I read an article on Runner’s World online about incorporating stair workouts to increase overall pace.  So I’ve been pretty good about making an appearance on this piece of equipment at least 3X a week for 10-15 minutes:

I have been doing intervals on it and I have to say that it really kicks my butt!  It’s also I nice way to change things up a bit.  I still have to incorporate more weights and upper body work into my routine as well….

This past Monday I actually did my first “two-a-day”!  I did it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I slacked and didn’t do my long run on Sunday like I should have.
  2. Arthur was itching to go for a run after I got home from work.
  3. It was 62 degrees and sunny so I’d have been dumb not to get in some miles.

I gotta say….it was tough!  I did 5.3 miles in the morning on the TM and then another 4.25 miles with Arthur (which included frequent pee stops!), then a .65 mile cool down walk with Omar.  I will admit that I may be engaging in this whole “two-a-day” thing more frequently as the weather warms up and the days get longer.  It was kind of nice to have a bonus work out after a tough day at the office.

The fundraising front.  It’s been going well 🙂  I haven’t been hammering away at my contacts like I’m sure most non-profits would want me to.  But with a few email blasts, one standard mailing and a bunch of FB posts – I’ve managed to get almost half way to my goal.  I have an event planned in 6 weeks that I’m certain will bring in some more $$.  I just have to get my act together with soliciting donations for door prizes and getting the word out for people to attend!!!  More on that once I have everything firmed up 🙂

For now, it’s back to work!  Happy Wednesday 🙂

3 Responses to On another planet….

  1. Brit says:

    I’m sorry that I feel this way, but I think the whole Omar story is pretty funny. I would be super bummed if I had to handle Duke’s “manly parts” though. I feel like it is extra gross on a giant dog. When we had Duke neutered, he didn’t have a lampshade, but we didn’t have to do the Vick’s Vapor Rub thing either, I guess we lucked out.

    Hope things calm down for you soon!

    • Dana says:

      Yes, my “little” Omar certainly keeps me on my toes! I can’t be mad at him though…he’s just too darn cute and cuddly (even though he smells of VapoRub).

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve got to agree with Brit; the whole Omar story is definitely comical. I’m sorry it’s frustrating right now, but gosh you will look back at this and laugh. I’m certain of it. 🙂 When we had Wellington neutered he didn’t have a cone either and managed to behave himself pretty well. Amazing considering all the ways he used to find trouble. Hope Omar heals up soon.

    And that is a wicked looking gym machine. I’m intimidated just looking at it. Great job with the training and fundraising!

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