5 days to go!

My goodness I can’t believe that my FIRST half marathon is in 5 days!!!  I’ve been feeling anxious but I’m not sure if it’s just “life related” (new neighbors, job stress, etc.) or if it’s the upcoming half that’s getting me all whacked out.  Actually, it’s gotta be the race because as I type this, I feel my heart rate starting to rise.  I know I can do this….I KNOW I CAN!

Already looked at the extended forecast and they’re calling for rain 😦  I’m hoping it’s just cloudy but it if rains, oh well….

I know this sound cheese ball and there are alot of runners out there that don’t care about the finishers medal…but this race doesn’t have them….and honestly?  I’m kinda bummed 😦  This is going to be my first …. they’ll never be another one….and I wish I had something a little more commemorative of the experience than just a shirt.  Am I being stupid?

I also get my custom orthotics today….not sure if I’m going to use them on race day. Depends how comfortable they feel and if I adapt to them quickly.  I’m still thinking I’d be playing with fire if I decide to give them a try.  I also got my MUCH NEEDED new shoes yesterday (same style, same brand, trusty Asics – thank you runningwarehouse).  What I did this morning is use the insoles from my old shoes (with the special metatarsal pads) and my old orthotics that I’ve been training in this whole time.  I did a quick two miles and my goodness I forgot how great nice cushy new shoes feel!  My old Asics were due for replacement and my knees were starting to feel it….so I think I’ll be fine running in the new shoes on Sunday.

Okay I’m rambling….I’m definitely nervous — EEEEEK!!!!


3 Responses to 5 days to go!

  1. Courtenay says:

    YAY!!! New Asics! YAY half marathon!

    Boo!! to no finisher’s medal! That would bother the heck outta me too.

  2. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Good Luck at your half this weekend.

    Wow, no medal?! I think that’s rare, odd, and not cool. Major sadface.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m sure you will do great!! Pre-race jitters are totally normal, so just embrace them and still try to make sure you get enough rest and good food/water/ etc this week.

    I never know what to do with my finisher’s medals after the fact, but I do admit to being excited when I first get them. Is it a smaller race that you’re doing? Just make sure to try and get some good pics from the race weekend, and they will probably make the best momentos anyhow.

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