AND….12 miles done :)

I did it. After the motivation post below, I knew that once I was out there, I’d be fine….and I was right!  I was rocking out the miles but after I hit 9, things started to hurt 😦  The last 3 miles were no picnic, but I made it through them and I’m confident that I’ll perform fairly well at the 1/2 marathon next Sunday.  I completed my run in 1:54:48…not bad!!!!  I had to stop a couple times to stretch out, but all in all, I ran the whole time 🙂  I’m thinking that if I feel this good next weekend, that race day inspiration may allow me to accomplish my “lofty goal” of finishing in under 2 hours.  That would be AWESOME!

As a treat to myself I decided that my post run fuel would be this:A green monster smoothie and one of my strawberry cupcakes 🙂

Smoothie made with 2 frozen bananas, 2 mini bananas, about 2 cups of spinach, this new coconut milk I found from Silk (which is only 80 calories per serving and DELICIOUS) and a teaspoon of nutella 🙂

Now it’s time to dig into my cupcake and stretch out some more because honestly — MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂


One Response to AND….12 miles done :)

  1. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Two words. Ice.Bath. Seriously.

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