Today I woke up and felt like a slug!

I’m thinking it’s because it was the first time in a week that I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. Although tired and wishing I could just crawl back into bed, I grudgingly put my gym clothes on and headed out in 20 degree weather for the gym.
Once there, I just couldn’t get with it! I started to run on the treadmill but my body just felt “bleh” and my stomach felt like it had a 10 lb. bowling ball in it (or maybe it was just the copious amounts of pad thai I consumed yesterday). I completed 2 miles and QUIT .. that’s right, I quit 😦
I decided to pass the time away on the arm cycle for 15 min. and then spend a good amount of time stretching.
YUP. I was a lazy slug!

Not going to beat myself up over it though…tomorrow is another day!
Tonight I’ll just enjoy being sluggish and lazy 🙂

Here’s the workouts I’ve got planned for the week:
Monday – rest
Tuesday – SLUG workout (2 miles TM, 15 min arm cycle and stretching)
Wednesday – 5 to 6 miles on the TM
Thursday – 3 miles of speedwork
Friday – 5 miles
Saturday – light cross training
Sunday – 12 miles

T minus 2 weeks before the first half and this is the last week I can hammer out the miles before tapering. Here’s to hoping the slug won’t return any time soon!


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