Awww shucks….20 bucks :)

$20 That’s what I got in donations last night. Believe me, it’s $20 more than I had before…so I’m not complaining. I just had higher hopes of making a wee bit more. It still felt great to hear the emcee saying “go visit Dana, she’s running the NYC Marathon in November” it almost didn’t feel real! To be quite honest, I will be standing at that start line on November 6th in complete shock and awe. Holy Crap I’m running a MARATHON!!!

I know I promised pics, but I forgot to snap a few of my little table set up. Oh well….next time….because, there WILL be a next time!

I also broke the cardinal rule of shoe buying/trying and ordered these puppies today:

I know, I know….I couldn’t resist. I normally run in Asics Gel Cumulus but they are BEAT. I am also waiting for my custom orthotics to come in…so really, I’m playing with fire. But it was suggested to get a moderately neutral shoe (which I’m running in now) so I can’t see the harm in trying something new. If they suck? well, then I just learned I shouldn’t just buy something from Running Warehouse on a whim! I sure hope they don’t suck though…because I really like them 🙂 I hope to give them a spin tomorrow afternoon during my run outdoors.


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