I run and I ask for money….

Hello all!
Just a quick update on the “happenings” in my training and fund raising life!
After the double digits run, my legs felt incredibly heavy for the rest of the week. I tried to listen to my body and just did what felt right. It meant a lower mileage week but that’s okay….it gave me the boost I needed to bang out some faster miles this week.

Here’s what the training is looking like:
Sunday – 5.1 miles outside with Arthur šŸ™‚
Monday – 3 miles TM and stretching
Tuesday – 5.2 miles TM (fastest yet! 9:18 pace but it felt much faster)
Wednesday – “easy gym day” 20 min. on the arm cycle, 20 min. on the recumbent bike and some light stretching.
Thursday – off!
Friday – it’s supposed to be in the mid 60’s here so I’m planning a nice 8 mile afternoon outside run šŸ™‚
Saturday – cross training at the gym

I can’t believe my first half marathon is a mere 2.5 weeks away. BRING IT! I’m so excited!!!

So that was the “I run” part….now onto the “I ask for $$ part”

I must say that I am so incredibly happy to be part of Team DetermiNation. I am having a BLAST fund raising and it’s really keeping me motivated. As I had mentioned a while back, I was interested in putting together some type of event. I’ve got something cooking but will divulge more about it as I get more details together šŸ™‚
Tonight I was asked by a friend to showcase my fund raising efforts at a Fashion/art show, networking/charity event. I was offered a spot to put out some literature, promote my upcoming event and ask for donations. I am SO CLOSE to the $2K raised mark and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tonight’s generosity will put me over the edge.

Hopefully I’ll post some more details and pics tomorrow.


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