Spunky Dog and I’m a newbie all over again!

Since Saturday, the tri-state area has been engulfed in the first cold snap of the season. The highs are only in the mid 30’s and couple that with the wind chill and it feels like the low 20’s! It’s been cold and blustery — not my ideal running weather. I’m not a big fan of putting on multiple layers to go for a run…and then being really cold for the first mile or so until my body warms up. I also dislike the fact that once you’re done, you need to get inside to the warmth or you risk having your sweaty clothes freeze to your body!

On the flip side, Arthur is a BIG FAN of this chilly weather. I call him spunky monster when the temp dips below 35. When he accompanied me on my run on Sunday — he was acting like a bouncy puppy all over again! It took a good 2 miles to get him into a groove where he wasn’t pulling me. We did a nice 5 miles and then finished up our run in the fields behind my house. I knew Arthur still had gas left in the tank so I took him off his leash and zipped around like he just woke up! He’s not an old dog but he’s no spring chicken either. He’s about 5.5 years old (at least we think because we rescued him from a shelter about 4.5 years ago). This cold weather must make him feel like a puppy again because he has been HOUNDING me these past couple of days to go out and run. The unfortunate part is that it’s dark when I get home from work so we have to settle for a leash walk….even though I know he’d much rather zip around the fields. Oh well Arthur — we have to reserve the running for the weekends!

I am also happy to announce that I’m a gym newbie all over again! The husband has been trying to get back into health and fitness again and we scored an awesome deal at a local health club. Granted I was a member at a much smaller, much cheaper gym up the road — but this new place has many more amenities (indoor/outdoor pools, tennis, 125 classes a week, locker rooms to DIE for…the list goes on and on). We decided that this would be our Christmas gift to each other — a membership to this club. I am beyond excited and today was my first morning there! It took me a while to figure out how to work the treadmills (super high tech where you integrate your ipod into it and the whole thing is touch screen). I seriously need a good two hours to acclimate myself to this new place and see all it has to offer. I’m also really happy that there are so many “things” that I can incorporate into my training for the marathon — lots of strength and flexibility classes, and (get ready) and HUGE hot tub that I can soak in on days that my muscles are sore — squee!!!! They also have a one mile outside running trail that I can utilize once the weather gets nicer šŸ™‚ I can do a few miles outside and then head in to lift, stretch, etc. Geez, I can go on and on and on about how incredibly excited I am — but I’ll stop. Arthur is going to be jealous…especially since he LOVES to swim (that’s his cross training šŸ™‚ ) “Um, excuse me Mr. Gym Director…can my dog swim while I run on the treadmill?”

Training is still going well! So far I’ve completed 4 full weeks of the 1/2 training program. This week’s schedule:
Sunday – 5 miles outside with spunky monster!
Monday – rest and stretching
Tuesday – 4 miles on treadmill with stretching and core work
Wednesday – 2.75 miles on treadmill (2 run, .75 figuring out how to work the darn thing!), stretching and core work
Thursday – 4 miles on the treadmill and strength circuit
Friday – 45 min cross training (may hop in a spin class)
Saturday – rest or yoga

On the fund raising front — I really want to do gift wrapping for donations but have no clue where to fit it in this season. Must call around and see what I can find out!

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