Just a quick update….for like…. the one person that reads my blog…..

I knew that blogging would be a great way to log my training and hopefully entertain the very, very, VERY few readers that I seem to have (unless those stats are just me looking at the blog – LOL!) However – is it wrong that I’m having a hard time posting every day? Frankly, YES it is! I have just found that by the time I finally get a chance to relax at a night, it’s practically an hour before bedtime and to be brutally honest…..after a long day, I kinda wanna sit and relax with my husband!

So in an effort to at least keep my one random reader (hello to whomever you are!) up to date on my training efforts, here’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days:
Tuesday –> 3.5 miles on the treadmill, stretching, lifting ,etc.
Wednesday –> 2 miles on the treadmill (at a much faster pace!), stretching and core work
Thursday –> 3.5 miles on the treadmill and a nice steady pace. Then after work I wound up walking for about 50 min. with the dogs.
Friday –> 40 min. on the AMT, stretching and lifting

So, random person that reads my blog, I have been diligent with my training!

I know most runners despise the treadmill. I’m not the hugest fan, but I do find that it holds me accountable for maintaining a current speed. In the beginning of June I set out to only run outside (and it was great!) but as the months went on, I felt like I was getting slower and slower. Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of like using the treadmill to mix things up (plus it keeps me from getting bored). I also feel that my overall speed increases because I really really push myself. Outside? not so much! So I’m hoping that by having a nice combination of treadmill runs and outside runs will really benefit my training. Not only do I want to complete the 1/2 marathon and full marathon — but I want to do it in a timely manner!

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and I’m very excited to be meeting up with my college roommates for an afternoon of laughter. We all haven’t been together in the same room in about 5 years so I’m really looking forward to it.

How about you random reader? What have you got planned for the weekend?


2 Responses to Just a quick update….for like…. the one person that reads my blog…..

  1. Lisa says:

    I have a feeling I may be the random reader – or at least one of them! I haven’t stopped by in awhile, but I added your blog to my WordPress when you first posted it on the nest. So, that’s where I come from!

    Looks like you had a good week of training, and a fun weekend planned. As for me, I hope to do some sort of long-ish run on Saturday and then hopefully put up our Christmas lights, tree, and maybe start shopping. My H and I work with his parent’s on their dairy farm, and I’ll be spending a lot of Sunday at the farm.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Mysti says:

    I created a blog last week and have been racking my brain for a title! Also trying to decide if I want it to be professional or not, or just whatever…I don’t know when I am going to ever have time to do it….

    Anyway, it was nice to see your schedule of going to the gym early, getting ready, then going to work all day, then going home and packing your gym bag….sounds like me! Or, at least how I am trying to be! I am soooo bad about losing motivation :o( Soooo bad. I can’t tell you how many times I have started C25K. Lets see….lets just say off and on since my wedding 3 years ago….starting again yesterday……I have been going to the gym fairly regularly all that time, I just don’t think I push myself very hard, and it’s like I can’t make myself either. I am trying. It is also so hard to go early in the mornings, though that is when I most like to go. But it seems like I have such a hard time getting up, then I get there so late, I have 30 minutes to work out and an hour to get ready for work….my priorities are backward!

    It is also next to impossible for me to run outside! I don’t know why it feels like so much more of a beating than the treadmill does, but back to the I don’t think I push myself very hard thing….it just doesn’t work for me. DH would love for me to give up my membership and run outside but I just can’t do it.

    Anyway, sorry for all the whining! I hope you have a great weekend (I have absolutely nothing planned for once aside from dinner tonight) and I will try to watch your blog now and then!

    (I am from the Nest too :o) )

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