He must’ve known I was talking about him!

I swear Arthur must have signed onto this blog and read all my nice comments about him….and then he sought some type of revenge for whatever reason. Sunday’s run was less than fabulous…Arthur and I headed out for a nice 4.25 mile loop around our neighborhood. We’ve run this loop many times and he’s always so good with me. Well, he decided that he wanted to sniff almost every pole, post, electrical box and random leaf along our route. Needless to say, our “run” consisted of run about 50 yards and then stop to smell something, run another 50 yards and stop to smell something, etc. etc. etc. Even though it wasn’t an ideal situation, at least I got the distance in, right?

In other news, my other monster (a.k.a. Omar the great dane) decided to break his pinky toe on Thursday. How a dog manages to break a toe is beyond me…but my “little” boy decided it was time to spice up my life a bit and did a number on his toe. Maybe he was feeling left out of the whole marathon training thing and this was his sneaky way to get some attention. (I swear these dogs scheme against my husband and I as we sleep at night).
A quick trip to the vet and $500 later…Omar is sporting a “cast” on his leg and I can’t say he’s too happy about that!

I also decided that I was going to take this entire week off. I needed a break and figured this was the perfect time to get my ducks in a row as far as my fundraising for Team DetermiNation goes. I spent a good part of the afternoon designing an email blast that will be going out to my clients. I am also anxiously awaiting my fund raising packet from the American Cancer Society. I’m hoping there are some other good fund raising ideas enclosed in it. I have a good idea of what I want to do to raise the funds that I need, it’s just a matter of executing those ideas! I am very fortunate that I have a good knowledge of what I have to do in order to meet my goal. I also decided that if I reach the $5000 mark early in my fundraising efforts, I am going to raise the goal to $10,000. I really hope it comes to that because the more I raise for the ACS, the better!

Today’s training was conveniently called “stretch and strenghten” on Hal Higdon’s 1/2 Marathon training plan. Oh, I guess I should mention that in April I’ll be running the Asbury Park Half Marathon! Very excited as this will be my first 1/2 and also a great stepping stone in my training for NYC. This 1/2 marathon is also supporting a great cause, the NJ Special Olympics.
Anyway, back to my plan….I didn’t stretch nor strengthen today! Instead I took two long walks with Arthur and enjoyed the unseasonably warm day. I have a 3.6 run on tap for tomorrow along with stretching and some core work.

I’m also thinking about adding another piece of flair to this blog by talking about people that I’ve known who have battled cancer. After all, it’s these folks that serve as the inspiration behind this goal I’ve set for myself. I still have to figure out the logistics of it all (whether or not I’ll use real names, etc.) but stay tuned because I’ve got some really great people that I want you to “meet” and their stories will touch you just as much as they have touched me.

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